Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Solidago : the homeopathic catheter !

Three reasons to use the remedy Solidago either in herbal tincture or homeopathic potency:

    • If you suffer regular urinary tract infections. Solidago will help with the infection especially if used in conjunction with the herb Echinacea. It will prevent U.T.I.'s from causing more serious kidney infections. It addresses symptoms of urinary frequency, discomfort, poor urinary flow, retention of urine and frequent night-time urination.

    • If you are a woman who has a uterine fibroid which presses against your bladder causing uncomfortable urinary frequency, then Solidago will help.

    • If you are an older man who has an enlarged prostate gland which interferes with the urinary flow, then Solidago will make a big difference to your everyday life! (Don't forget to also take Saw Palmetto on a daily basis). If you have flare-ups which involve kidney infections, urinary retention and extreme discomfort to the extent that you need a temporary or ongoing catheter inserted..then Solidago will prevent this..Solidago's nickname is 'the homeopathic catheter' and for good reason.

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