Saturday, 12 October 2013

Do I need to believe in homeopathy for it to work?

No. One reason why animals and infants respond well to homeopathy is because recovery is not due to a placebo effect. Homeopathy is not a belief system. It is a system of medicine governed by central, fixed principles. Whether or not you believe in it, does not effect the efficacy of well-prescribed medicine tailored to
an individual person's constitution. If you are sceptical, the only way to truly answer this question is to take yourself off to a good homeopath for treatment! 

Let me tell you what exactly makes homeopathy not work:

  1. Not enough time undergoing treatment
  2. An unskilled homeopath
  3. Inappropriate dosage
  4. Inappropriate remedy or medicine
  5. Poor homeopathic prescribing by your professional either due to lack of enough training and education or the professional's own understanding of homeopathic principles. 
  6. Antidoting of effects of homeopathic medicines through the use of substances such as essential oils, coffee, mint and other substances. 
  7. Antidoting of the effects of homeopathy through the use of other energy-healing modalities concurrent with homeopathic treatment such as energy healing and /or acupuncture. Some energy healing does complement or further the health of a person. However, some energy healing depending on the knowledge, insight and development of the healer may suppress or cause imbalance.
  8. Repeated use of some conventional medicine and/or treatments may be counter-productive and postpone , delay or make recovery impossible but not always. See my post, for example, on whether you can take antibiotics at the same time as homeopathic medicine
  9. Sometimes, it is too late.When a person seeks out treatment for advanced pathologies, there may be irreversible damage in the body. Homeopathic treatment can still offer,quality of life, palliation and psychological help but it may not be able to provide cure at such a stage. 
  10. For a more comprehensive understanding of other issues relating to this point, please refer to my earlier post: what if homeopathy does not work for me? 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Is it possible to overdose on a homeopathic medicine?

It depends. Here are some situations to help with understanding the answer to this question.

If a child/or adult swallows a whole bottle of pills at the same time. The answer is No. This is because of something in homeopathy called 'potency'. As you have probably heard already, there is 'nothing' in homoeopathic remedies.  During the process of preparation of a homeopathic medicine, once it has been diluted many times over, the solution gets to a stage where there are no organic traces of the original substance left in the water. In homoeopathy, the more dilutions have taken place, the 'higher' the potency. In other words, homoeopathic medicine is a vibrational energetic medicine and the less dense the physical 'matter' the more higher 'frequencies' are liberated to act as a stimulus to the human body and mind. Just think of the sound of the harp as compared with the sound of a drum. If many tablets of the same potency are swallowed at one time, it is considered one single dose as only one potency touched the person at one time. There is no such as thing as milligramme dosage in homeopathy nor is homeopathy 'quantifiable' in the usual sense.
If a person continues to take a medicine which is not prescribed individually for them by a qualified practitioner and each tablet is of the same potency, and the person repeats this tablet each day unsupervised over a long period of time, then the answer is 'Yes' : it is possible to 'overdose'. There is no quantity or milligramme dosage which means an organic substance is being absorbed into the body over time leading to toxicity, but the potency of the remedy acts as a stimulus to a person's body.The effects of this in a person who has relatively good health will be minor, and cease once the medicine is ceased. But each remedy has strong affinities with organs and bodily systems, so the effect of a regularly imbibed homeopathic medicine in a person weakened by chronic illness may be more severe. For example, if a person has compromised liver function, then taking an inappropriate homeopathic medicine without it having been prescribed by a professional, may lead to over-stimulation of  the liver. The body will struggle against this stimulus and if the body has lost underlying power and homeostatic function, the organ will weaken over time or any pathology may increase. This happens also with the use of orthodox medicines which is why people on medication for certain chronic conditions may need to have frequent Liver Function Tests.

To sum up, it is best to only use a medicine when familiar with the effects of a medicine and also when familiar with the indications for the use of that medicine. This is why people always turn to trained professionals if they would like to avail of a particular alternative in health-care choice. It is possible to self-educate about how to prescribe medicines on a day to day basis for one's family for minor ailments such as temporary infectious illnesses, and to have success in that way. For all chronic diagnosed illnesses, it is not safe to use homeopathy without having knowledge of homeopathy. Medicine is medicine and should always be treated with respect and healthy restraint. Nature is powerful. So are the forces which lead to sickness, ill-health and imbalance. So too are the forces which restore health, heal and provide permanent cures. 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

2 Homeopathic Remedies to try for a Dehydration Headache!

Whatever the cause of your dehydration whether that be travel, alcohol, habitual thirstlessness, over-consumption of salty foods, over-consumption of caffeinated drinks, a sickness which left you common sign and symptom of dehydration is a headache. A dull, aching, overall tension in the head...but that may increase to a throbbing, more painful, debilitating ache. Needless to say, when you are dehydrated, the best solution is to drink water!

But here are 2 homeopathic remedies which may relieve your headache fast and help you to avoid having to take a conventional pain-killer: 

  • China Officinalis 30c. This is a useful remedy for all ailments that arise from a loss of fluids whether this is just simple dehydration leading to a pounding headache or loss of fluids through excessive perspiration in heat or an infectious illness or severe diarrhoea. Indications that you may need China are: bloating and distension of the abdomen and excessive flatulence or trapped gas, watery diarrhoea, nausea, pallor and weakness. This is a fantastic first-aid remedy to carry with you in travel situations. It is fantastic for hang-overs. And it is also used in more serious illness especially where the liver is involved. 
  • Bryonia Alba 30c. If you need this remedy, you will be inclined to drink large amounts of water at one time due to intense thirst. You will be irritable like a bear with a sore head, grumpy and will want to be left alone. Even opening your eyes will be too much effort and moving about aggravates all complaints including the headache. Remaining absolutely still makes you forget the pain. This remedy is very useful also for back pain which disappears as long as you do not move an inch and also for headaches arising from putting your back out, as well as dehydration. This remedy is an amazing tool for homeopaths but all its uses are too many to list here. But if you have a dry mouth, dry skin, constipation, are very thirsty, irritable and want to be quiet, with a pounding headache....Bryonia will pick you up very quickly! 
Wild Hops/ Bryonia Alba

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