Saturday, 5 October 2013

Natural Remedies & Homeopathy to lower High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is a very common complaint often associated with an accumulation of stress over a long period of time. This could be due to difficult and challenging life-circumstances, to prolonged unhappiness, or to burn-out associated with a long period of over-work.

Here are some tips for how to lower high blood pressure naturally (if you are in doubt as to whether it is safe to take these alongside any prescribed medication, please consult your own healthcare professional):

  • Take a good quality high dose of a Garlic supplement once a day. If you are getting consistently high blood pressure readings then you may need to take this 2-3 x daily for it to be of therapeutic benefit. Cheaper brands are not much good. 
  • Take Vitamin E 400iu each day. This acts as a natural blood thinner. It also has a big effect in supporting the adrenal glands, and in women of a certain age with blood pressure supports hormonal levels.  
  • Use a herbal mother tincture of Crataegus (Hawthorn). This is very effective in lowering blood pressure and may be safely used alongside other medication.
  • Take a good quality B-Complex Vitamin Supplement to get extra nutrients for your nervous system in regards to stress. 
  • Take the following Schuessler Cell Salt remedies: Kali-mur 6x and Kali-phos 6x , 3-4 x daily. 

For the treatment of High Blood Pressure by Homeopathy it is best to go to a professional and have them choose an individualised treatment for you. If you are on blood pressure medication, treatment needs to be monitored carefully as if your B.P. drops while being treated but your prescribed medication remains at the same dosage, you may run the risk of your blood pressure dropping too low! (Though this is not that harmful in the short-term). As treatment kicks in and becomes successful, your homeopath will refer you back to your GP for consistent B.P. readings with a view to reducing daily medication or entirely ceasing it. Bear in mind, a professional homeopath will never tell you to just come off your medication and will not interfere with the prescriptions of another health-care practitioner. However, if you are looking around for homoeopathic remedies to help yourself in the short-term, here are 3 Homeopathic Remedies to try out:

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Need dental care? How can homeopathy help?

Homeopathy is not much known for the incredible help it can give to people with dental problems. Here are some ways homeopathy can improve your teeth: 

  • Homeopathic remedies can boost, heal and promote continued healthy gums. You can use remedies to treat gingivitis and other issues, and restore gum health. 
  • Homeopathic remedies provide effective pain relief  and treatment for tooth abscesses. Frequently a tooth can be saved from extraction through the use of homeopathic remedies. Remedies can 'settle' a tooth down and prevent further decay.
  • Homeopathic remedies can be used for trips to the dentist. Do you need remedies for fear, anticipation or nerves? Do you need remedies to heal soreness, pain and swelling after dental work? Do you need a remedy to cope with receiving an injection and soreness caused by injections? Do you need a remedy to deal with after-effects of an anaesthetic? 
  • Homeopathy can treat jaw-clenching and grinding of teeth thus preventing the need for mouth-guards. 
  • Homeopathy can strengthen assimilation of nutrients leading to increased health of the teeth and gums.
  • Homeopathy can treat mouth infections and mouth ulcers, tongue coatings, oral thrush and increased saliva.
Homeopathic dental care works well to prevent dental problems and complications. It also works quickly, immediately and effectively in a crisis. Many teeth problems actually arise a) from poor gum health and b) from receiving many fillings. Most people of a particular generation will have received mercury fillings and had some form of mercury poisoning or leakage which undermined their health over time and which manifests with many different ailments not just of the teeth. The most effective alternative treatment available for this large health issue is really homeopathic medicine. 

Why not try it?  You would be surprised at how something which has always been your weakness can actually be addressed and stabilised. 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

4 Ways Homeopathy Can Support Your Pregnancy

Firstly, is it safe to take homeopathic remedies when pregnant?

  • If you are familiar with homeopathy and have self-educated about how to use certain over-the-counter remedies or if you have done an introductory course or workshop which explained the basic principles of homeopathy to you and showed you how to use a number of remedies for everyday ailments, then the answer is yes, within reason. You may try a remedy or two but only for a small number of doses. If you need to use a remedy, you should only take between 1-6 doses before expecting a 'cure' or wait 1-3 days maximum. If you have selected the 'right' remedy, then it will work quickly. 
  • It is not safe to use a homeopathic remedy on an ongoing basis even medium-term without it being prescribed for you by a professional homeopath during pregnancy. 
  • If you have no knowledge of homeopathy and have a pregnancy-related ailment, then it is better to seek out a professional homeopath to prescribe for you.
How can homeopathy support your pregnancy?
  1. Homeopathy can support your pregnancy by treating all ailments which most women have been taught to consider a normal part of the course of pregnancy. Ailments which although considered common, may interfere with happy day to day living. For example, constipation, piles, pregnancy itch, physical discomfort and pubis symphysis, morning sickness (mild to severe), dizziness or light-headedness, all stomach ailments, emotional mood swings and many more ailments.
  2. Homeopathy can treat people who have underlying chronic illnesses while pregnant such as diabetes, depression, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, asthma and many others. It can relieve symptoms of these illnesses, as well as promote a healthy, to term pregnancy and support the development of the baby.
  3. Homeopathy can provide substantial support for birthing and labour. Homeopathic remedies can provide pain-relief during labour, help to change a baby's presenting-position, help with numerous complications of pregnancy. Homeopathy can help with induction of labour, and prevent and/or treat complications of labour. 
  4. Homeopathy can support and treat many different post-natal scenarios including all breastfeeding difficulties and obstacles such as mastitis and milk supply issues. Also post-natal depression, exhaustion, emotional upheaval, and physical healing and recovery from birth whether the birth was natural or by caesarian section. Homeopathy can treat immediate conditions and illnesses of newborn infants, safely and in conjunction with their existing medical care. 

Monday, 30 September 2013

Can you take homeopathic remedies at the same time as antibiotics?

Yes, you can! Homeopathic remedies will not interfere with the effect of antibiotics. Nor will remedies interact with antibiotics. Homeopathic remedies are not contra-indicated by antibiotic treatment. 
Taking a homeopathic remedy while having antibiotic treatment may well clear up your complaint before an antibiotic 'kicks in' and starts to have real therapeutic benefit. It is often said that it is extremely important to finish out any prescribed course of anti-biotics and not to cease taking them before you have been directed to do do. The theory behind this, is that if bacteria are causing an infection and you quit taking an anti-biotic then some bacteria will remain behind and make it more likely for the illness to return. The job will only be half-done. Another good reason for finishing the course of anti-biotics is so that the remaining bacteria do not develop resistance to that particular antibiotic and cause further mayhem without recourse to effective treatment. 

However, homeopathic remedies work in such a way, that when they do work, the body has a complete recovery and the person is likely to feel absolutely no need to continue their antibiotics especially considering that some antibiotics are very strong and can make a person feel 'wiped out' , 'flat' and 'weak' or even downright 'depressed'. If a complaint or ailment has been treated naturally and in a short period of time with complete and undoubted really is less likely to recur. If an ailment has been treated with other types of medicine and the person, although no longer suffering  from that particular ailment, is left feeling washed out, low in energy and still needing a tonic or multivitamin of some sort..then truth be told, their ailment is very likely to recur again. 

Homeopathic remedies can also assist people's responsiveness to conventional medicine. In that way, it can be extremely beneficial for a person to seek out homeopathic treatment or over the counter remedies even after having begun to take  a course of antibiotics. Homeopathy will counteract the adverse effects of antibiotics in terms of physical energy and vitality and it will lessen or even obviate the need for a double or triple course of antibiotics, due to people's developing resistance to this medication. It will also not 'suppress' the ailment and push it back into an underlying condition only to pop up again at a later point. 

Basically, you can't go wrong with using homeopathy at the same time as taking an antibiotic medicine. No need to worry. Use whatever resources you can find to help yourself, when in need! It is a step in the right direction of learning that you can solve your problems in other ways. Some people are afraid to 'risk' not taking an anti-biotic for fear of becoming worse. It does take a while to explore other choices. So in between using ordinary medicines and the discovery of homeopathy as a viable healthcare choice, I find this fear completely understandable. It can be very reassuring to take small steps towards other options at the same time as falling back on an old way of going about things. Eventually, with increasing conviction and experience about the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine, dependence on antibiotics decreases and fades away. And one's health reaches a new level of well-being. 
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