Saturday, 29 June 2013

What if Homeopathy does not work for me?

I have come across people both outside my practice and occasionally a client, for whom homeopathy has not worked very well, if at all! A strange thing for a Professional Homeopath to blog about while promoting the use of homeopathy! Homeopathy is a system of medicine, a stand-alone system within itself. But like the average computer, our practice of it and our use of it, our success and results with it depend upon the user and many other factors.

 If we hit a key on the keyboard of our computer, for example @..then the symbol we intend to type is @ and when we hit that particular key , @ appears. 

However, if we are unfamiliar with a keyboard and which key produces which symbol or letter, then our chances of typing @ our reduced. Even though we know, if we press the right button, @ will appear. 

If we do not have the intention to produce the symbol @ in the first place, even though that is the particular symbol we need, then our chances of stumbling across it and realising this is correct, are even less.

If we don't use a keyboard at all, even though we need to type, then the search for '@' is challenging if not impossible unless we get someone else to do it for us, or unless through some fortuitous event a person intervenes and guides us to the button.

Homeopathy works when the homeopath hits the right key and has the knowledge and skill to do that. Homeopathy works when a person knows which remedy to use for their ailment. Homeopathy is so different to mainstream medicine because it is entirely individualised and personal. It is not a 'One-Size Fits All' approach There are hundreds, if not thousands of remedies which can be used to cure a headache. Pick the right one, and results are incredible.  

If you have attended a homeopath or are attending a homeopath and are not getting good results, consider this:

Friday, 28 June 2013

Why Famous People Choose Homeopathy

This is a short video I'd like to show you. Dana Ullman is a regular columnist with The Huffington Post in America. You will be surprised at how many people whom you admire and look up to, have used homeopathy as a great help for their health and well-being in their lives. Homeopathy is there for everyone including YOU. Why not try it?

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Natural Help for Lost Appetite : 2 Remedies to Try

There is alot of writing and advice about over-eating and excessive appetite and how to lower  or suppress appetite. But there are many people who do not have a healthy appetite at all. They frequently have no desire for food, and when they do eat, they can lose their appetite while eating or be so quickly satiated that they eat too little. 

A healthy appetite and a desire for healthy food is a marker of good health and a healthy constitution. A healthy appetite leads to the intake of good and nourishing food and the body produces 'appetite' in order to ensure its own health and vitality. It is well-known that people who are ill often will not wish to eat and that those convalescing from illness are weak and lack the relish for food. Often the first sign of illness before the onset of other symptoms, is the loss of appetite. Also, the persistence of a near-non-existent appetite is an indication that all is not well.

When raising children, many parents are baffled as to how to tempt their picky, fussy eater to eat. Never mind eat well. Although it is quite natural for a toddler's appetite to vary from one day to the next as well as their interest in different types of food (fruit one day, protein the next), a child should have a healthy appetite (based on what is normal for him or her) in order to maintain health and resistance to infection. 

Other signs which indicate a poor appetite and need to be addressed:

  • low body temperature, feeling cold 
  • pale face with dark circles under the eyes
  • constipation, irregular bowel movements
  • lack of energy
  • cannot 'relish' or 'enjoy' food no matter what it is
  • frequent illness
Here are two valuable helps to stimulate and restore appetite:
  1. The homeopathic remedy Silica.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

3 Homeopathic Remedies for a Person Suffering an Asthma Attack

If you see an adult or a child suffer an asthma attack, they need medical attention. There are different types of asthma attack. Some are the spasmodic kind, some take the form of a continuous coughing and spluttering. Whichever form this takes, if there is substantial breathlessness, panic, flaring nostrils and any blueness around the lips, it is very serious and the person will need urgent help. While you are acquiring and organising help,Here are some general tips of what to do:
  • Make sure they are sitting up in a high-backed chair or standing erect. Let them lean over something or put their arms on either a wall or a piece of furniture in front of them to curve the upper back. Sit them down at a table which they can lean forward on. Lying down or reclining back in a chair causes discomfort and will not help breathlessness.
  • Give them a brown-paper bag. (If they are really struggling, they may not want this as the feeling of suffocation may increase.)
  • Place a hand on their back (lower than their lungs) and rub gently. Touch them gently.
  • Don't talk too is better to just 'be' with them. Also, do not stare at them or look anxiously at them. Seeing anxiety reflected on  a parent's or concerned friend's face can increase the anxiety of the person having the asthma episode. Do not look too much at them as embarrassment and self-consciousness can cause more anxiety further restricting the breath.
  • Give them  Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. Add Rescue Remedy to a glass of water and give them water to sip regularly.
  • Get them to slow their breathing and try to stop 'gasping' for or 'gulping' air. Building up CO2 levels in the lungs will help considerably. Count their breaths with them and do it slowly so that they resonate with your own healthy rhythm.
  • Distract them. Get them to imagine something uplifting and beautiful.
  • Loosen all tight clothing including around the waist. Make sure they are not in a stuffy, warm room as fresh cool air is essential to them. 
  • Use a chest rub with essential oils and ingredients such as Eucalyptus, Pine, Menthol. Or add drops of these oils to the bowl of steaming water for them to inhale.
  • Try to relax them. Relaxation and dealing with panic and fear are the keys to slowing breathing, stopping hyperventilation and opening the airways.

Here are 3 Homeopathic Remedies which will provide great relief if not stop the attack altogether:

Monday, 24 June 2013

Why Children Love Homeopathy and Moms and Dads too!

Children really love homeopathy and once a parent begins to use homeopathic remedies to make them well, very often children begin to refuse other types of medicine. Why?
  • They work! Kids feel better and respond quickly to homeopathy. 
  • They like the taste and novelty of the remedies! The remedies usually are in tablet or pill form. The tablets are made of a lactose and are easy to suck or chew and do not taste bad. For those sensitive to lactose, kids can use sucrose. The pills are made of sucrose and taste like a's basically a minuscule amount of sugar. For those kids who are sensitive to both, homoeopathic remedies can be acquired in liquid form.  Kids do not have to swallow them, digest them, tolerate a disgusting taste or any after-taste. Homeopathic remedies can be taken easily on an empty stomach.
  • There are no side-effects. Homeopathic remedies will not make a child feel 'zonked', exhausted, drained of one's natural vitality. They do not sedate, they do not 'wipe' the child out so that their usually bouncy, energetic self begins to languish on the sofa. They do not make a child feel worse, or prolong an illness. They do not clear up one symptom only for the child to develop another symptom. 
Moms and Dads like homeopathic remedies because:
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