Friday, 21 June 2013

Natural Remedies for Warts

One of the main homeopathic remedies used to eliminate warts is Thuja Occidentalis 30c. This can be given just once or once weekly for four weeks depending on the progress of the wart. Be aware that occasionally a wart can become larger at the beginning of treatment as the 'root' begins to come out before it falls off or disappears. Do not persist taking the remedy once you can see your body is responding and that there are changes taking place leading to the disappearance of the wart. 

You can apply Thuja topically as it is found in many alternative topical wart treatments but I would recommend that you do not do this. 

Many people have warts

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Samuel Hahnemann, a Compassionate Man of Service dedicated to Truth

Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy as it is frequently practised today, was a man made up of many noble qualities. He had 11 children in a time when child-mortality was high, and the means to provide for children small. Despite this and against the wishes of his first wife, he gave up his work because of his conscience which told him he could not live up to his Hippocratic Oath to "Do no harm".  He was an orthodox trained medical doctor working in a time where medicine was mostly poisonous and treatments were mostly harmful to health. For example, Syphilis was treated with Mercury and when people died of Mercury poisoning, it was said the Syphilis had killed them. Cupping and leeching were common and weakened people so much that they were overcome by their illness. 

  • In those days, people's understanding of illness was very limited yet Hahnemann knew that  mental and emotional states affected people's health
  • he knew that everyone was individual in how they experienced an illness and the signs and symptoms could vary tremendously despite a uniform diagnosis 
  • he knew that certain types of illness had the power to develop immunity in a person and protect against further illness
  • he knew that some illness was caused by germs and bacteria which could not be physically seen
  • he knew that illness would not exist in life without a cure being possible (he believed in a just God and that illness was not a punishment but had a sense and reason and meaning behind it. He was also aware that ignorance about how to live and take care of ourselves was often the cause of bad health)
  • he understood the harm that certain substances could cause and advised people on a proper diet and lifestyle as part of preventing and /or curing illness
  • he warned about intellectual speculation and varying theories of the cause of disease as he thought that this intellectualising did not lead us closer to cure but instead could actually obstruct cure
  • he knew that spiritual healing and energy healing could heal and help sickness and respected  people who had those gifts 
  • he thought that the ultimate reason and purpose behind having good physical health was in order to find one's purpose in life and live it.
Samuel Hahnemann upset and enraged people with his personally-expressed convictions. He announced that all doctors should make their own medicines as that was the only way to guarantee safety and efficacy and also that was the only way to get medics to take personal responsibility and more care with their prescribing of treatments. Of course, all the apothecaries rose up in objection as they could see their profits and livelihoods being threatened by some sort of self-appointed moral guardian. 

Hahnemann said that in trying to cure illness we had "thoughtlessly overlooked and misjudged the spiritual nature of our life"

Monday, 17 June 2013

3 Steps to Having Homeopathy in Your Life

Buy some Arnica 30c. The most incredible remedy to start off with. Watch those bruises and aches from falls, bangs and knocks disappear. If you have a toddler, you will wonder how you ever managed without it. Take it after dental work, after surgery, after intense sports activity, after blows and injuries in sports, after vigorous exercise which leaves your body aching. 

Go and see a homeopath for a consultation. Just this first consultation will make you see how different it is. Your homeopath will want to know your history of health and sickness, illnesses that run in your family, all physical ailments you suffer from at present, what you love, like and fear. How you feel, what your personality is like, what your life is like. Are you cold-blooded or warm-blooded, what is your favourite food and what would you never eat?  Have you had surgery and why? Have you ever had an accident? Has anything bad ever happened to you and how did it affect you and your health? Do you suffer from stress? You will be astonished at the detail and the wholeness of the consultation. How thorough it is and how it leaves no stone unturned. You will be listened to and your own 'take on things' will be taken very seriously. Your homeopath will then find a remedy which is tailor-made to fit your profile. This remedy is designed to stimulate your body to release healing and vitality and heal ailments and unravel disturbance. Once you start taking your remedy, you will start to feel better. Why not try it?

Read a book on homeopathy. For those of you who want to get started on the practicalities of using remedies at home straight away, try this one Miranda Castro's "The Complete Homeopathy Handbook": 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Difficulty bonding with your baby? Don't understand why?

The much anticipated moment arrives. Women have heard so much about what they are likely to feel when their newborn baby is handed to them to hold after childbirth. A rush of love, the most powerful tender and protective feelings one might ever hope to experience, ecstasy, deep relief combined with own mother said that this moment was the nearest thing to heaven that existed as an experience in life.

So many women do not feel this way and the disappointment and bewilderment over an anti-climax can hurt women deeply. It can unseat the beginning of the unfolding of a loving heart in bonding and connecting with one's child. To not feel what one hopes for, or to discover that one feels so differently or in fact nearly the opposite of what people have said that you would feel, is utterly devastating.

Homeopathy can help.

The first step in bonding is like the opening of the door to a long journey of mothering your own child-self. It is the first opportunity you have to be tender, loving, embracing and wholly accepting of yourself in parallel with your new baby. It is the biggest opportunity in life you will ever have to learn to love. Love does not and never will exclude the Self. Love is not merely for offering to others and to God even. Love must love the Self.  It is hard to love yourself  when you cannot fathom or understand your own inner feelings or judge them as being bad and wrong.

Women pass through a whole spectrum of feelings after birth. Indifference, shock, a desire not to see the baby especially after a protracted and prolonged , intensely painful and difficult labour. Sadness, overwhelm, a feeling of this being the start of not being able to cope, a feeling of tremendous helplessness in the face of a child who is now helplessly dependent upon you. A fear of responsibility, a cowardice wrapped inside a shrinking desire to escape,. Tears, upheaval of emotions you never knew existed, flashbacks to your own childhood and genuine fear of the repeat-play button. Terror.  Sometimes the indifference and not being able to feel anything at all is the worst one, as this can continue over time and one hopes that one day sudden recognition that one would do absolutely anything for this person , even sacrifice one's own life , would announce itself in your psyche.

There is a reason for every single experience. Nothing is irrational, and no, in my opinion, feelings like these have sometimes very simple explanations and quite simply are not merely due to hormonal surges or the infamous 'Baby-Blues'. Although, it has to be said, it is true that our hormones offer channels for our emotions to flow through ourselves, just like a river canal, occasionally our hormones acts as dams and weirs on this canal stopping and starting the waters.
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