Saturday, 18 May 2013

Craving salt

Do you want to lather every dish of food in salt?
Are you a person who salts your food without tasting it to see if it actually needs any salt?
Have you been told to cut down your salt intake or completely eliminate salt?
Salt does have a purpose. It is an essential mineral building-block for healthy cell chemistry. It is also responsible for helping maintain proper bodily hydration. And as we know water is for life. Water is a force, an energy, a vitaliser and when we become dehydrated we can't think or concentrate, we feel tired and lethargic, we think we are hungry when really we need to quench our thirst.

And once people drastically reduce or eliminate salt , it may lead to other problems due to a cellular deficiency. Dry skin, dryness of mucous membranes in eyes, nose, mouth, intestines.....leading to dry eye, sore nostrils, constipation, thirstlessness and etc.

So if you crave salt but are not supposed to have it, then here is what you can do.

Take the Schuessler Cell Salt Nat-mur 6x . Take it 2-3 times a day. It will ensure you hold this healthy mineral in the cells of your body (without increasing blood pressure) , help you to hold and absorb water into your bodily tissues which is necessary for health and slows the ageing process! It will prevent dryness developing anywhere in your body, balance out your thirst levels . When the body adapts to not taking in enough fluids, it 'loses' its thirst. In order to regain a healthy thirst, you need to start drinking again.
Taking this remedy on a daily basis will reduce your craving and desire for salt, which will make it easier for you not to lament its absence.

Nat-mur 6x is also useful for sinus problems, excess mucus and post-nasal drip, and for headaches.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Morning Coffee

Just enjoying my morning coffee and contemplating coffee addiction! In homeopathy, here are two significant remedies which can be used to anti-dote negative physiological effects of coffee. One of these remedies is derived from the original substance coffee itself : Coffea 30c.

Take Coffea 30c if you have drunk a cup of strong coffee later on in the day or simply drunk too much coffee.

Signs and symptoms are:
  • unusual sensitivity to noise (background noise disturbs you more than usual).  So when you're in a cafe acquiring an extra cup to keep you going throughout a long and active day, and you can't stand the noise and whirr of the coffee machine, this is a sure sign you have been overdoing your caffeine intake! Or if you are easily woken during then night, sleep very lightly and suddenly the usual traffic hum becomes more annoying than ever.......
  • mental alertness combined with physical languor and fatigue. Your mind is racing, full of thoughts, an internal monologue is switched on inside your brain despite 'dozing' off 
  • making plans and even feeling excited, happy and full of ideas
  • frequent urination. 
Bear in mind, that coffee is not the only caffeinated drink around. Tea and Green Tea are also caffeinated and act as stimulants which can have adverse effects shortly after the 'high' wears off. Alcohol, even one glass/one drink can act in a similar manner in sensitive people.

Coffea can be useful when you're travelling, working extra hard on a more demanding project, engaged in creative deadlines,or enjoying a holiday. It is a classic cycle of overwork-stimulus-insomnia-fatigue-more stimulus .....

Coffee can also interfere with iron levels in the body and in some people can increase likelihood of anaemia in which case there will be other symptoms such as breathlessness when ascending stairs, frequent loud sighing and heaving deep breaths as well as fatigue and feeling 'washed out'. Some people experience emotional moodiness such as irritability,and can be easily offended through over-sensitivity caused by extra jarring of the nervous system. Another homeopathic remedy which can be used to counter this particular pattern is : Ignatia 30c

Coffee can also mess with your kidneys, seriously interfere with your blood-sugar levels and cause excessive levels of acidity thus disturbing the pH balance in your body ...but I shall leave these topics for another day! 

So are you a person who loves your coffee and regard it as an essential part of your daily routine? Are you always promising yourself to give up on this luxury because you know it's just not good for you? Then keep Coffea 30c and Ignatia 30c to hand! 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Having a bad day?

Did you wake up this morning feeling unrefreshed, grumpy,
in the mood for procrastinating?

You need a 'slow-pace' day and a bit of love! Eat some fruit, drink in some flowers..........
Fruit pulls out the toxins that weigh you down.
And Flower essences refresh your psyche! 

Try some Bach Flower Remedies for some essential Tender Loving Care. 

 Add 3 drops from each flower remedy  mentioned below into a glass of water, or your water bottle and drink or sip throughout the day. 

Or add 3 drops from each flower into a 30ml pipette dropper bottle and label it "Bad Day Blues"  Take 4 drops on the tongue 4 times today or more often if you like.  

  • Rock Water:  for being too rigid in setting goals for yourself which are unrealistic for the day, not letting yourself off the hook
  • Holly: to bring some opening energy to your heart
  • Impatiens:      impatience and irritability and lack of tolerance (and  on bad days you may well be feeling all of these things towards yourself as well as others around you!) 
  • Scleranthus:  for being out of balance and scattered in your thoughts, inability to focus
  • Hornbeam: mental fatigue and lack of concentration
  • Walnut: we can all do with a bit of Walnut to help us adapt our daily plan, in acknowledgement of where one is truly at and what one's needs are.
Rhythm of ebb and flow 

Disease is the inability to adapt to change. 

We change from day to day, our moods, our plans, our needs, our pace, our energy. If you're having a bad day, make a plan and love yourself, stay in the moment. Everything will get done. But rhythm is essential. Stay still today, then move. Ebb and flow. Bad days are for when your life force ebbs before crashing jubilantly into shore! 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Simple Remedy for a cold

I developed a few sniffles today which reminded me to post about a fantastic remedy  if you feel a cold coming on and can't afford to be sick!

Aconite 30c. Take this if (like me) you got caught out with a sudden drop in temperature outside without your coat! This is for a cold that come on after 'catching cold' , directly after having been chilled, from being exposed to a cold, dry wind. Colds like these will come on suddenly and may develop after midnight....if you feel chilly, look pale and start to sneeze with a hint of a sore throat..use Aconite. You won't be needing to snuggle up with hot drinks then! Mind you, why not wrap up in some comfort and take time out anyway! It could be a warning sign you're moving too fast and your body is telling you ..whoa there.....

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