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Natural Remedies & Homeopathy to lower High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is a very common complaint often associated with an accumulation of stress over a long period of time. This could be due to difficult and challenging life-circumstances, to prolonged unhappiness, or to burn-out associated with a long period of over-work.

Here are some tips for how to lower high blood pressure naturally (if you are in doubt as to whether it is safe to take these alongside any prescribed medication, please consult your own healthcare professional):

  • Take a good quality high dose of a Garlic supplement once a day. If you are getting consistently high blood pressure readings then you may need to take this 2-3 x daily for it to be of therapeutic benefit. Cheaper brands are not much good. 
  • Take Vitamin E 400iu each day. This acts as a natural blood thinner. It also has a big effect in supporting the adrenal glands, and in women of a certain age with blood pressure supports hormonal levels.  
  • Use a herbal mother tincture of Crataegus (Hawthorn). This is very effective in lowering blood pressure and may be safely used alongside other medication.
  • Take a good quality B-Complex Vitamin Supplement to get extra nutrients for your nervous system in regards to stress. 
  • Take the following Schuessler Cell Salt remedies: Kali-mur 6x and Kali-phos 6x , 3-4 x daily. 

For the treatment of High Blood Pressure by Homeopathy it is best to go to a professional and have them choose an individualised treatment for you. If you are on blood pressure medication, treatment needs to be monitored carefully as if your B.P. drops while being treated but your prescribed medication remains at the same dosage, you may run the risk of your blood pressure dropping too low! (Though this is not that harmful in the short-term). As treatment kicks in and becomes successful, your homeopath will refer you back to your GP for consistent B.P. readings with a view to reducing daily medication or entirely ceasing it. Bear in mind, a professional homeopath will never tell you to just come off your medication and will not interfere with the prescriptions of another health-care practitioner. However, if you are looking around for homoeopathic remedies to help yourself in the short-term, here are 3 Homeopathic Remedies to try out:

  1. Lachesis Muta 30c. Take this remedy if High Blood Pressure is associated with menopause in women. Stress caused by a life-crisis involving a marriage break-up and/or issues around fidelity especially if they come at a time of great change and transition or mid-life crisis. People needing this remedy may have struggles over being creatively fulfilled and feeling loved in a deeply, connected way. Lachesis types suffer jealousy and possessiveness in relationships and may also be envious of the creative success of people they admire but also wish to emulate. They are creative, intense people who may start channelling their creativity in a religious or spiritual/ transcendental manner. Associated physical ailments in conjunction with High Blood Pressure may be: hot flushes/menopause, heart complaints, alcoholism, long-term unexpressed grief, post-traumatic stress, migraine, weight issues, recurring sore throats. They are warm-blooded people, who need to wear loose and light clothing. They cannot bear restriction around their necks so you will never see them wearing scarves and/or polo-neck shirts/sweaters. They love coffee, and pasta dishes, and sometimes have difficulty with swallowing either foods or tablets. They usually are striking people, attractive and lively and colourful in company. They have an intense manner and may speak very quickly and show impatience with others whom they consider less intelligent or 'significant'. 
  2. Nat-mur 30c. Take this remedy if you are a thin, lean and wiry person suffering from high blood pressure. You may well have a healthy diet and be health-conscious but nevertheless may be suffering from an inherited pre-disposition to this problem. People needing this remedy will have developed this as a result of life-stresses such as grief and loss. People needing this remedy may have a history whether recent or long-term, of multiple bereavements.  Stress levels rise in direct proportion to the amount of reserve and control exerted in order to 'not feel' the deep emotions provoked by these losses. They may compartmentalise their mourning, put it aside, postpone it or completely suppress their sadness. Their sadness may also be due to being unhappy and disappointed in a love-relationship. It begins to overwhelm their bodies rather than their conscious minds. Nat-mur types are reserved but empathetic and so attract alot of confidences from others and they tend to support and mother other people and care for them while neglecting their own emotional needs for support, friendship and intimacy. They will rarely speak of their own troubles and seem to be 'strong'. They are sentimental and easily moved by music and you will always find them living close to the sea, longing for the sea, and going for walks by the sea. High Blood Pressure may also co-exist alongside ailments such as sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, eczema, weight issues (either weight-loss or gain), cold sores, shingles, lower back pain, kidney infections, oedema, migraine/headache. Nat-mur types are aggravated by heat and do not do well in the summer. They love salt and all foods salty, so a person who has had to give up salt and remains really unhappy about it may need a good dose of Nat-mur. 
  3. Nux-Vomica 30c. People who need Nux-Vomica are exactly the types of people, whom everyone imagines to have high blood pressure! Ambitious, irritable, impatient, driven, over-worked and competitive..they will be continually stressed-out. They will have a madly busy whirlwind of a lifestyle and very often it will be unhealthy. They drink tons of coffee, may smoke regularly, have rich and expensive business dinners out in restaurants..all related to their business meetings and contacts. They may have lacked proper, refreshing sleep for a long period of time and they just never relax. They are ardent, passionate, jealous and furious types! Success is important to them. They are talented at what they do and are experts, but they are dictatorial and reproachful of others and very pushy. It is no wonder their blood pressure is on the rise. High blood pressure in these types of people will be associated with alot of digestive issues including constipation, irritable bowel, kidney problems, headache/migraine, vertigo, and collapse states from overuse of alcohol, drugs, stimulants and over-indulgence in rich food. They are chilly types and often feel angry (due to intense frustration) and critical. 
The above profiles are stereotypes! As we all know, there is truth in a stereotype but there will be many variations in between. Each person is different and unique. Ultimately, no matter what the scenario, there are always meaningful reasons for a person to come to a particular place in their lives and experience a particular way of being. Both the resulting ailment and the meaningful journey thereto, are gently considered and appreciated by a homeopath, whose main wish is to relieve suffering and prevent future complications.

Because stress is such a large contributor to high blood pressure (leading to an out of balance lifestyle and diet), it must be addressed in order for long-term relief to be obtained. Meditation, slowing down in life, simple activities which calm and relax a person each day must be taken on. For some, it will be gardening, cooking, music, time spent being still, time spent being grounded in the company of their families, holidays, time 'out' from the pressures and the treadmill of life. For people engaged in personal growth, feeding one's spirit is essential, self-care, new perspectives on love and nurturing. The creative impulse brings a new freedom to 'drives' that have become mis-translated into material and pleasurable gains. Exerting counter-pressure from the inside out, through strengthening one's inner life and fulfilling oneself will bring peaceableness and more balance. 

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