Saturday, 12 October 2013

Do I need to believe in homeopathy for it to work?

No. One reason why animals and infants respond well to homeopathy is because recovery is not due to a placebo effect. Homeopathy is not a belief system. It is a system of medicine governed by central, fixed principles. Whether or not you believe in it, does not effect the efficacy of well-prescribed medicine tailored to
an individual person's constitution. If you are sceptical, the only way to truly answer this question is to take yourself off to a good homeopath for treatment! 

Let me tell you what exactly makes homeopathy not work:

  1. Not enough time undergoing treatment
  2. An unskilled homeopath
  3. Inappropriate dosage
  4. Inappropriate remedy or medicine
  5. Poor homeopathic prescribing by your professional either due to lack of enough training and education or the professional's own understanding of homeopathic principles. 
  6. Antidoting of effects of homeopathic medicines through the use of substances such as essential oils, coffee, mint and other substances. 
  7. Antidoting of the effects of homeopathy through the use of other energy-healing modalities concurrent with homeopathic treatment such as energy healing and /or acupuncture. Some energy healing does complement or further the health of a person. However, some energy healing depending on the knowledge, insight and development of the healer may suppress or cause imbalance.
  8. Repeated use of some conventional medicine and/or treatments may be counter-productive and postpone , delay or make recovery impossible but not always. See my post, for example, on whether you can take antibiotics at the same time as homeopathic medicine
  9. Sometimes, it is too late.When a person seeks out treatment for advanced pathologies, there may be irreversible damage in the body. Homeopathic treatment can still offer,quality of life, palliation and psychological help but it may not be able to provide cure at such a stage. 
  10. For a more comprehensive understanding of other issues relating to this point, please refer to my earlier post: what if homeopathy does not work for me? 

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