Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Can I have homeopathy if I have alcoholism or if I am a recovering alcoholic?

Yes. First to be practical, many alternative medicines such as herbal remedies come preserved in alcohol, so that can be difficult for recovering alcoholics. If you wish to use homeopathic remedies, your homeopath can dispense them in a liquid alcohol-free form. Your remedy will be placed in water and the water will be preserved with charcoal or cider vinegar. I prefer charcoal, as cider vinegar does not last as long and can taste funny after a while! Alcohol is not used for homeopathic tablet and pill preparations so these are always safe to use. Homeopathy is safe to use in conjunction with prescription drugs.

While you are asking this question, what about what homeopathy can do to help people afflicted with addiction to alcohol, whether still drinking or in recovery? 

  1. Homeopathy can treat the person's deep pain which led them to take to drinking as a coping mechanism.
  2. It can treat all physical problems and complicated emotional fall-out in relationships as a result of drinking.
  3. It can detox the body and provide much needed support to the liver and other organs.
  4. It can help with rehab and provides amazing relief for delirium tremens.
  5. It can treat the susceptibility to alcoholism which runs in families thus helping future generations.
  6. It can reduce if not eliminate alcohol cravings which will provide further support to people in recovery.
  7. It can treat many associated physical illnesses. 
  8. Homeopathic treatment can help to liberate the free will and will-power of the individual to strengthen their capacity to triumph over their addiction. 

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