Wednesday, 25 September 2013

What exactly can homeopathy do for your child with autism?

You have heard homeopathy can help. But exactly how can it help? What possible results could you achieve? Is it worth even seeking out homeopathic treatment? Read this post and then have a think about it!

Homeopathy helps your child with autism by:
  • undoing and reversing vaccine damage
  • increasing and improving eye contact
  • detoxifying the body from heavy metal poisoning from vaccines or other sources
  • healing deep-seated fears and phobias
  • increasing flexibility and healing the ability to adapt to change in children with fear of the slightest change in routine or plan for the day
  • relaxing and diminishing stress which leads directly to self-stimulating behaviour (i.e. stimming)
  • reducing or eradicating stims such as hand-flapping, jumping, skipping, whistling, rocking, moaning, laughing and many others
  • speeding up severe developmental delays (aiding with developmental milestones such as movement (crawling, walking, grasping, jumping, running, riding a bike etc), speech, self-expression, toileting and social skills
  • healing birth trauma and issues around rejection and abandonment (for both mother and child)
  • healing/repairing muscle tone, balance, coordination 
  • treating bowel problems (poor elimination, chronic constipation, mal-absorption of nutrients, nutritional deficiency and the host of other issues confronting those with autism)
  • treating digestive problems such as regurgitation of food, gagging and choking, phobias around certain foods 
  • treating allergies and severe allergic reactions
  • healing tantrums and outbursts of rage or distress related to frustration and communication problems
  • treating depression, severe anxiety and feelings of worthlessness and low confidence that develop when child begins to cover up and hide disabilities from others
  • repairing damaging effects of head injury or brain damage
  • treating parents with homeopathy and providing deep, healing support for the huge stress that confronts them 
  • healing shame, embarrassment, and sensitivity to others' thoughts and judgements
  • treating the individual person and providing therapeutic, healing help which is individualised and less prone to labelling and categorisation, seeing the true person.
Homeopathic treatment in cases of autism is always medium to long-term.
It is very difficult to achieve consistent results with just one or two sessions. There will be ups and downs, huge leaps forward and also regressions depending on life circumstances. It will be a journey made hand in hand. Trust, respect, and the ability to be free from making assumptions is important. If you feel your homeopath doesn't really 'get it' , then go find another homeopath whom you feel has a better grasp of your situation in life. Do not be misled by unrealistic promises and guarantees. Many practitioners will be enthusiastic and well-meaning must trust your deep-down instincts about the person before commencing. Otherwise, disappointment may cause you to abandon homeopathy as a solution when in fact you just needed to find your way to the right homeopath. 

Cure is very relative to each individual child and family. Some children will make a full recovery. Some children will recover capacities which will lead them to have a better quality of life and be happier. The result of treatment is variable. Although many children have made the journey back from autism, some children may not. This does not signify failure. It is important that both parents and practitioners do not strive for goals at huge personal cost to their health. Yet it is true, that no homeopathic practitioner or expert, or health care professional will ever have the same degree of personal investment in your child as you do. Your love for your child is the foundation of recovery and repair. Children always shine their light no matter what. They are here to learn what it is to be loved, and learn how to love themselves and others. True healing is acceptance and surrender to the force of good which holds every one of us in its hand..............

Most parents of children with autism need support, deep healing and loving help. Parents need lifted hearts and courage to tread a healing path. A child with autism is a microcosm of possibility within a family unit! But the condition of 'autism' (not the child himself/herself)  can be a vortex into which life-energy drains away and a family or a primary carer can become drained, exhausted and without hope- just 'existing' or experiencing periods of time where they cannot come up for air. There is much ignorance about autism, as about many things in life! And this burdens parents even more than anything and places terrible strain on children, who do nothing but their best each day. 

However, accompanying every suffering, every distress in life there is a gift of grace. Blessings, joys, gratitude, love and a deeper experience of humanity and its noble attributes....all of these surround those who suffer. My heart goes out to all those engaged with an experience of autism. I know from my own personal experience, both as a homeopath and as a mother that there is HOPE. Homeopathy is a powerful therapeutic help and source of healing to many. Listen to your own heart and trust your own impressions. You have everything to gain by it. Why not try Homeopathy?

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