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Help those traumatised by shocking news of sudden death with Aconite

One of the first experiences a person will have on hearing news of the sudden death of a loved one is shock. The person loses awareness of surroundings, may be struck speechless and the mind seems to stop functioning in its usual way. One cannot think, or even seem to know what do immediately in the moments after the shock ..does one sit, or stand, what does one say, what does one do next? There is a blank vacant feeling where one suddenly seems isolated from the world and where ordinary reality cannot seem to penetrate the haze. It is difficult to comprehend what one person or several people are talking about. There is a strange disjointed connection between one's Self and one's body.
As well as the strange non-feeling, slowed-down state of being with all else being pushed to the very fringes of consciousness, there are often immediate physical symptoms. The mouth dries up, the body temperature drops and the person may shiver. The colour drains away from the face, the eyes take on a staring, fixed look with dilated pupils. The person may be speechless and immobile.The person is ungrounded and very vulnerable. A person may burst immediately into tears and start to shake violently or weep and wail with pain.

Traditional ways off supporting a shocked person:
  1. Make sure the person is warm and well-wrapped
  2. Give the person either water or tea to drink. If possible, add a little sugar to the tea. Provide tissues.
  3. Make sure the person is not left usual functioning ceases temporarily and shocked people cannot think straight, never mind take action of any kind, such as drive anywhere or do anything for themselves.
  4. The person must be accompanied until the initial shock transforms into feelings or words or actions and during all the following hours thereafter. 
  5. Explanations should be given in the form of simple, short sentences and may need to be repeated. If the person asks questions then more detail must be given but must be delivered in a straightforward way and assessed as to whether they may cause further distress and be necessary information at that time.  
  6. It is helpful after an initial period to give the person something to do physically, to address the ungroundedness and 'bubble' of shock and bring them back a little into their body  e.g.  such as offering something to drink or eat, to put a piece of clothing on, to make a phone call for them, to contact someone on their behalf. 
  7. If appropriate, a simple human touch offers healing and comfort and also physical grounding.
Homeopathic remedies above all else have profound and immediate results in emergency situations. Aconite is the main remedy used to help a shocked person. All of the above symptoms indicate its use. Use a high potency (in layman's terms: the strength of the remedy), as high has possible depending on what you may have to hand. 10M + upwards to 50M and Aconite CM's are appropriate. Many people who are not homeopaths will only have either a 30c or 200c to hand ..this is fine too. Homeopathic remedies can be diluted in water but also in tea. They may be  given directly to the person to ingest by gently dissolving in their mouth like a sweet or chewing a tablet briefly. This homeopathic remedy will not interfere with any conventional medication a person may be taking. The effect of this remedy is to bring a person back, minimise pain and distress, while at the same time helping to mobilise a less stressful defence against it. It relieves all physical symptoms of violent shock and brings stability to body and soul.

Once again, how do you recognise when someone needs this remedy? : 
  • pale, sweaty face with staring or fixed look in the eyes or dilated pupils 
  • expression of fear or a type of absent look 
  • dry mouth and lips
  • shivering, chills, shuddering , trembling
  • faintness and sinking of strength
  • inability to talk or immediate weeping and wailing
  • this remedy may be used for physical complaints brought on by the shock such as asthma attacks, breathing difficulty, palpitations, fainting, hypoglycaemia, nose-bleed, surge in blood pressure etc.
Aconite Napellum is a miraculous First-Aid remedy to have on relieves intense pain, distress, panic and trauma. No pocket, handbag, purse, car, household should be without it.

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