Monday, 30 September 2013

Can you take homeopathic remedies at the same time as antibiotics?

Yes, you can! Homeopathic remedies will not interfere with the effect of antibiotics. Nor will remedies interact with antibiotics. Homeopathic remedies are not contra-indicated by antibiotic treatment. 
Taking a homeopathic remedy while having antibiotic treatment may well clear up your complaint before an antibiotic 'kicks in' and starts to have real therapeutic benefit. It is often said that it is extremely important to finish out any prescribed course of anti-biotics and not to cease taking them before you have been directed to do do. The theory behind this, is that if bacteria are causing an infection and you quit taking an anti-biotic then some bacteria will remain behind and make it more likely for the illness to return. The job will only be half-done. Another good reason for finishing the course of anti-biotics is so that the remaining bacteria do not develop resistance to that particular antibiotic and cause further mayhem without recourse to effective treatment. 

However, homeopathic remedies work in such a way, that when they do work, the body has a complete recovery and the person is likely to feel absolutely no need to continue their antibiotics especially considering that some antibiotics are very strong and can make a person feel 'wiped out' , 'flat' and 'weak' or even downright 'depressed'. If a complaint or ailment has been treated naturally and in a short period of time with complete and undoubted really is less likely to recur. If an ailment has been treated with other types of medicine and the person, although no longer suffering  from that particular ailment, is left feeling washed out, low in energy and still needing a tonic or multivitamin of some sort..then truth be told, their ailment is very likely to recur again. 

Homeopathic remedies can also assist people's responsiveness to conventional medicine. In that way, it can be extremely beneficial for a person to seek out homeopathic treatment or over the counter remedies even after having begun to take  a course of antibiotics. Homeopathy will counteract the adverse effects of antibiotics in terms of physical energy and vitality and it will lessen or even obviate the need for a double or triple course of antibiotics, due to people's developing resistance to this medication. It will also not 'suppress' the ailment and push it back into an underlying condition only to pop up again at a later point. 

Basically, you can't go wrong with using homeopathy at the same time as taking an antibiotic medicine. No need to worry. Use whatever resources you can find to help yourself, when in need! It is a step in the right direction of learning that you can solve your problems in other ways. Some people are afraid to 'risk' not taking an anti-biotic for fear of becoming worse. It does take a while to explore other choices. So in between using ordinary medicines and the discovery of homeopathy as a viable healthcare choice, I find this fear completely understandable. It can be very reassuring to take small steps towards other options at the same time as falling back on an old way of going about things. Eventually, with increasing conviction and experience about the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine, dependence on antibiotics decreases and fades away. And one's health reaches a new level of well-being. 

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