Thursday, 29 August 2013

Homeopathy helps with learning difficulties

There are myriad uses and applications of homeopathic help in daily life, especially daily life with children who are growing and learning and who have experienced challenges to their own personal growth and development which are the foundations of an independent, and happy life! Homeopathy can help give therapeutic support to small ones and children with all sorts of learning difficulties and developmental delays. But before you consider using homeopathy, remember

  1. LOVE wires brains. The mind of a child who is loved and feels relaxed  is more absorbent and permeable, and works at a better pace than the mind of a child which is overwhelmed by anxiety, tension, fear and insecurity.  Homeopathic remedies target the brain + body + emotion.
  2. Learning requires motivation. Motivation arises from at least ONE happy and supportive relationship with a person who knows more and thus can 'teach' the child. In the case of toddlers, imitation of a loved one is THE motivator. In the case of school-children, if the child likes or even better, loves their teacher, the bridge of learning is open. 
  3. Parents are the No.1 Source of help for their own children. Parents are the only and best experts on their own child, more than any professional. A combination of common sense and intuition which is informed by complete personal investment in one's own child is THE recipe for success in helping children to grow and develop. No healing modality compares to this! I have noticed how disempowered parents are becoming, ironically, by the increase in support and services. It is as if they believe without 'therapists' of all kinds, they are helpless to help their child. 
Homeopathy can deal with learning difficulties in different ways by treating the following:
  •  It can remove distractions and blockages to growth and development, by treating health problems. Feeling sick and miserable with low energy and repeated infections is not conducive to proper development.
  • Treating mal-absorption of nutrients through bowel troubles, malnutrition, poor appetite or cravings which show up masked allergies.
  • Treating disturbance of any of the senses which impair learning of all kinds. Impaired vision will impair understanding and reading others, communication, negotiating the world around oneself, spatial awareness, reading of books and listening. Impaired hearing will also impair speech, language, diction, self-expression and communication.  Any disturbance to sensory input will break down contact with people and the outside world and cause developmental delay. Not all developmental delay is permanent and neither is developmental delay necessarily a part of the personality or character of the child. Not all developmental delay is a permanent disability either. Developmental delay does not predict a child's future. In life, anything and everything is possible. 
  • Balance, co-ordination, motor skills, physical bodily control are essential to writing and many arts and crafts as well as riding a bicycle, and many other childhood activities.   These can be furthered by homeopathic treatment.
  • Shock, emotional trauma, relationship trauma, abuse and a family history of mental and emotional illness are childhood legacies which severely impede childhood development. When these issues are in play within children and/or their parents and extended family, homeopathy can support, soothe, heal and work in conjunction with many other therapies to bring about transformational change.   
  • Epilepsy, childhood diabetes and many other childhood illnesses such as asthma and any debilitating chronic condition can be improved, if not healed by homeopathy, which leads to developmental bursts and time spent catching up with activities previously too difficult to overcome.
Homeopathy has a role to play in providing hope. Children carry the great hopes of adults who love and care for their future lives and happiness depends upon the capacity to learn and grow and blossom. It is a shame to see so much potential wasted because of a narrow view of what supposedly can help and what does not help in specific situations!

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