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Personal Responsibility and Love. Illness and Cure.

Many are the causes of illness as we know. We must learn to understand where we are also personally responsible for our own health and body. At the same time as learning to become responsible we do have to also learn to have compassion and love for ourselves and others.

Responsibility as I am sure you have often heard people say is really response-ability. An ability to respond. In my experience, lack-of self love ranging from carelessness with oneself all the way to self-loathing and passive self-destruction accompanies nearly every single preventable illness. Many illnesses are indeed preventable except that unfortunately they still happen. Why?  Why, with all our knowledge of nutrition, care of the body, the benefits of exercise, lifestyle choices, access to so much professional attention and medicine (in the developed world) ...why are we still so afflicted with illness? 

Today, there is much talk of how to prevent obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Everyone knows that with a wise and excellent diet, frequent exercise and fresh air and a dose of personal happiness, certain diseases are unlikely to develop at all. 

But why when a person knows the right thing to do, why is it, that this seems the most difficult and impossible thing to achieve? Why is it too much of an ask? It is so frustrating for medical people, carers, health professionals to perceive certain risks to people arising from their behaviour and the path they are on. It is so awful to watch and wait for the inevitable result. Watching a person continually putting on more and more weight, developing diabetes, continuing to put on weight, developing uncontrolled diabetes, developing heart disease, becoming ever more restricted in life, ever more ill. Watching a person who started off with a desire for healthy-eating and a fitness regime, become ever more thin, become addicted to exercise, obsessed with image, vulnerable to abuses such as steroids, drugs, appetite suppressants or excessive protein supplements, watch their body go into premature decay from over-use and over strain.

Relatives and loved ones stand by and watch addictions take root and continue in a person. Husbands watch their wives. Wives stand by helplessly and watch their husbands grow more stressed and strained and at risk of heart attack. I could choose endless examples. In the mental health arena, the destructive patterns are deep and intense and terribly destructive. 

It is in my view, pointless to judge a person who struggles to take full responsibility for themselves. Judgement and harshness, dictates, reproaches, admonishing just makes a person who is already struggling with truly loving themselves and the body they have been given, feel worse. The only way to help a person is to help them achieve a meaningful understanding of who they are, and how they have come to this point. Why are they struggling with this particular issue? What blessings and opportunities has it brought? What is this door that is opening to learning something new about life and experience? Is it possible to turn around? is it possible to finally understand deeper answers? 

The cure for illness often simply lies in change and evolution, spiritual progress and realisation, personal recognition and the following actions and choices decided upon as a result. Taking care of oneself and the deep needs a human being has for comfort, security and love. Loving oneself enough to care about what one does to oneself. A person who feels worthy and loved rarely hurts themselves and does less harm to their fellow human beings as well, as opposed to a person who is drowning in a sea of worthlessness and pain. 

Illness is always a sign of deeper disturbances within.
In fact, illness and sickness, addiction, and premature deterioration of health usually tracks back to inner pain. Inner pain comes from the harm caused to a person through unloving and harsh and damaging abuses. Inner pain can come from unresolved guilt and painful conscience. Inner pain is always the result of a lack of love, an absence of love, a separation from love. The deepest separation for a person is the separation from a Higher Power because without trust in a Force greater than oneself, one easily despairs of the Self and despairs of other people too. Despair causes a withdrawal from real life force and relationship and connection. It unplugs a person from the world's grid supply of vitality and inner life.

Essentially the Christian message of "Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself" and also "Turn the other cheek" was a message designed to protect people from dying a spiritual death. But in fact it also set a path for how to live and have a whole life with health and many opportunities arising from a long period of life as a result of health. To prevent people from perpetuating suffering that spreads circle to circle, generation upon generation. To perpetuate suffering is to destroy both soul and body. Sometimes destroying the body can degrade the soul and bring it low. Other times degrading the soul can destroy and break a body. Because in fact, the message of LOVE heals all and is the CURE.  AA Programs have had great success because they have incorporated forgiveness, trust in a Higher Power and Love of Oneself and Others into the twelve steps. And this heals people of life-threatening conditions. 

Many vocational healers no matter what path they follow - orthodox medicine or alternative medicines come to this realisation. Illness can only be faced with love. No matter what treatments, remedies, herbs, drugs, surgeries, needles, energy healing, massages are given ..if they are given without love of the person who ails, there can be no hope for change, or an expectation of powerful turning points on the way to the restoration of health. 

When someone comes for help who clearly is 'refusing' to take responsibility for their health (if they get to that point of asking for help at all), this is because their ability to respond has been compromised for a long time already in their lives. They need help with 'responsibility' not control, correction and judgement. They will need acceptance. Occasionally acceptance that the person cannot change is a form of healing. They have the freedom then to pursue their learning in their own way. Sometimes lessons take a life-time as we all know.  This acceptance acknowledges all the difficult experiences that has informed this person's inability to respond. Being unwilling to respond often starts with being unable to respond. Being unable to respond is a form of choice in life. Sometimes it is only when we choose pain that we realise we didn't have to choose it, that there was another path to take. Sickness really is about susceptibility. Sickness develops with our weakest parts and our vulnerable places. Yes, there is no doubt that hygiene, sanitation, bacteria, viruses, transmitted illnesses and epidemics, poor nutrition, unclean water ..all these things do cause us to become ill. But knowledge of how to maintain health is useless without the ability to make decisions, choose consciously what to do and choose how to live and  learn how to love both oneself and others. we can learn how to heal and be a soothing balm to ourselves and others. Or we will inevitably disturb the balance of our bodies, our relationships and our lives. 

Cure is tied to responsibility for changing. Dis-ease is often an inability to adapt to change. Our bodies are amazingly adaptable but if they have had too much adapting to do and become exhausted from trying to maintain a balance and equilibrium at great cost, then they will at some stage be unable to adapt any further. For example, in the case of someone who has struggled with depression and intense anxiety for years, and then finally their bodies cave in under the stress and they develop cancer. They are not responsible for getting cancer, but they became tired and were more susceptible to it. It was nobody's fault.  Maybe this person just could have done with love, attention earlier on in life and to not be responsible for everything and everyone, to understand who they are and how much loved they are. That would have helped them be less vulnerable to this disease. But life is what it is, and goes the way it goes.  A person who is overworked with no time and continual stress and can't sleep for anxieties about money, and  who has relied on stimulants and unhealthy food for years develops high pressure and has a stroke. A person who has overeaten for years in order to escape unhappiness, develops atheroslcerosis and heart troubles. There are so many examples of the body just not being able to cope any more. I am sure you can think of some examples both in yourself and others around you. 

The reason why homeopathy is a powerful tool for healing, is that it helps on every level ..and goes to all the places where significant things happen before the body caves in. And the theory of underlying disease which informs homeopathic treatment recognises the multitude of inner and outer afflictions that lead to the development of disease. It helps to free the person from the burden of separation from trust and self-destructive habits and can help to liberate that decision-making which will further a person's life and happiness. 

Ultimately, there is no cure for illness except deep inward change, and learning about the mysteries of life. We will all have to face death one day, we will all have to watch a loved one leave this part of life, here on this planet. All healing modalities, all medicine cannot dictate the time of death or prolong life when a person has wearied and can only continue to learn, after they are freed from their bodies, which have deteriorated. Cure cannot prevent death if death is the culmination of a life lived with the struggle for learning and that lesson is ongoing. It is foolish of us to judge one person's sickness a failure and one person's bodily and physical health a triumph. None of us are God.  The only thing that matters really is that life offers multiple opportunities for the soul to be moulded and shaped by experience. And the soul is housed in a body which communicates change and adaptation to its owner every day. Cure, does of course, exist and is possible. Sometimes No Cure is the Cure because a person may need learning. And without this learning, they really are sick, on the deepest level possible. And then there is no hope at all, whether individual or collectively. 

In my view, one great reason for sickness to exist in life, is for humanity to learn about love and true response-ability. It is not a punishment or something to rage against or fight with. Physical, material life in the body is just like nature after all, with Seasons. Winter will come. Before that, the fruit must be harvested. The fruit of our physical lives and how we live with either health or sickness and what we achieve cannot easily be discerned by a person looking at another person from the outside. 

A person who is ill should not blame themselves. A person who is ill should reach out for love, accept it and learn that they can increase their response-ability and power over their health and destiny. And healers can help people towards Cure by helping people to develop personal responsibility. 

To take responsibility for our health not only means that we heal ourselves and others- it means we can drop a pebble of love into the world's water and cause a ripple effect of beautiful circles of healing. 

To refrain from judging a situation or a person or a sickness simply as 'bad' will help us to love more deeply. 
It also puts an end to the blame-game where lawsuits and fear abounds, where rules and regulations multiply and make hospitals inhuman and mechanical and frightening places. Judgement can be such a burden for a sick person and their relatives and friends. 

We can all learn about true response-ability, and about LOVE. It really does heal the world, in every way. When we have health, we have energy to devote to making the world a better place. Ignorance is the biggest killer on this planet not sickness. 

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