Saturday, 29 June 2013

What if Homeopathy does not work for me?

I have come across people both outside my practice and occasionally a client, for whom homeopathy has not worked very well, if at all! A strange thing for a Professional Homeopath to blog about while promoting the use of homeopathy! Homeopathy is a system of medicine, a stand-alone system within itself. But like the average computer, our practice of it and our use of it, our success and results with it depend upon the user and many other factors.

 If we hit a key on the keyboard of our computer, for example @..then the symbol we intend to type is @ and when we hit that particular key , @ appears. 

However, if we are unfamiliar with a keyboard and which key produces which symbol or letter, then our chances of typing @ our reduced. Even though we know, if we press the right button, @ will appear. 

If we do not have the intention to produce the symbol @ in the first place, even though that is the particular symbol we need, then our chances of stumbling across it and realising this is correct, are even less.

If we don't use a keyboard at all, even though we need to type, then the search for '@' is challenging if not impossible unless we get someone else to do it for us, or unless through some fortuitous event a person intervenes and guides us to the button.

Homeopathy works when the homeopath hits the right key and has the knowledge and skill to do that. Homeopathy works when a person knows which remedy to use for their ailment. Homeopathy is so different to mainstream medicine because it is entirely individualised and personal. It is not a 'One-Size Fits All' approach There are hundreds, if not thousands of remedies which can be used to cure a headache. Pick the right one, and results are incredible.  

If you have attended a homeopath or are attending a homeopath and are not getting good results, consider this:
  • the information needed for the homeopath to make an accurate, individualised prescription has not been available. And just like a jigsaw puzzle, a missing piece will prevent the picture being put back together in a complete whole (i.e. restored to health). Is there anything important about you, your experience, your life or your body which you have not felt free to discuss with your homeopath? And why?
  • there are limitations within the homeopath's own prescribing experience or the homeopath's interpretation of the guiding principles of homeopathy. It takes a long time actually, for a homeopath to become a good prescriber. Many people would rather see a more experienced physician as this makes them feel more confident. Having said this, occasionally a new prescriber may be enthusiastic, be up to date about recent developments in homeopathy, be thorough and do so much research in order to leave no stone unturned that they can often be very effective. It is important for you to trust your own intuition about a prescriber and whether you feel confident and trusting of your homeopath. Part of us being able to take responsibility for our health, is trusting our own instincts and needs along the way. This includes personal instinct about our health-care professionals.
  • homeopathic remedies are being regularly antidoted. Homeopathic remedies can be antidoted by coffee, mint, essential oils and certain strong-smelling substances. Regular exposure of remedies to these substances may for some people interfere with potential therapeutic effects. Just like in the world of conventional, mainstream medicine, drugs must be stored correctly and their shelf-life respected, homeopathic medicines must be cared for properly and the indications for their use respected.
  • homeopathic remedies have been contaminated. Homeopathic remedies can be sensitive to x-rays and radiation.
  • you are unable to follow-up regularly with your homeopath or keep appointments. This may interrupt, postpone or reverse successful treatment. There are so many reasons for missing an appointment, many of which are just practical in nature. Some reasons are deeper than that and good to pay attention to! If you have no confidence in the treatment or somehow do not entirely trust your practitioner , either discuss this with your practitioner to get back on track or consider pursuing homeopathy with another person more on your wavelength!
  • both you and your homeopath are underestimating the length of time needed to pursue homeopathy to get the intended results. There are miracles in life, but quick-fixes are usually short-term and when it comes to health, be suspicious of any person who offers you personal guarantees and certainty. 

The best homeopaths are the ones that are courageous and confident enough to answer "I don't know". The wisest practitioners are the very ones who do not have all the answers!

HOMEOPATHY itself however, does hold the Key to Health!

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