Friday, 21 June 2013

Natural Remedies for Warts

One of the main homeopathic remedies used to eliminate warts is Thuja Occidentalis 30c. This can be given just once or once weekly for four weeks depending on the progress of the wart. Be aware that occasionally a wart can become larger at the beginning of treatment as the 'root' begins to come out before it falls off or disappears. Do not persist taking the remedy once you can see your body is responding and that there are changes taking place leading to the disappearance of the wart. 

You can apply Thuja topically as it is found in many alternative topical wart treatments but I would recommend that you do not do this. 

Many people have warts
especially at some stage during their childhood. In the homeopathic understanding of patterns of health and illness, this ailment can also be associated with particular patterns of illness in a constitution. Some of the following ailments or weaknesses can co-exist in a person, who has warts or a history of warts:

  • eczema
  • asthma
  • allergies (hayfever, dust, animals, food intolerances)
  • kidney problems (as a baby with kidney reflux, or frequent UTI's, kidney infections, or diagnosed chronic kidney complaints)
  • other growths : cysts, fibroids (breast or uterus), polyps (nasal, rectal, vaginal etc) 
For this reason, homeopaths are cautious about the treatment of warts. As they do not simply regard it as an isolated skin complaint but as being part of a bigger picture. They are reluctant to treat the 'wart', if it means that an otherwise dormant constitutional history (your inherited physical disposition towards  illness) may become activated or triggered. Thuja is a deep-acting remedy which also targets a certain type of genetic predisposition. Using this 'treatment' protects against eliminating a minor skin complaint at the cost of driving a symptom or sign of the presence of a disturbing factor to health, inside the body where it can cause more harm. If you or your child develops warts which simply will not go away or respond to all the treatments you have used or if you or your child happens to have any of the above-mentioned ailments now or in the past, I would advise going to see a professional homeopath for an individualised remedy to eradicate the wart while at the same time boosting your health and addressing any problems which run in the family. 

Thuja is not the only remedy which can treat warts successfully. For some people who have warts on their fingers or hands or face, consider these remedies:
  • Silica 30c 
  • Nat -mur 30c
  • Causticum 30c 
  • Calc-carb 30c
  • Nit-ac 30c 
To choose one of the above, choose whichever remedy that also indicates the tretament of symptoms which you have as well as the wart. If you try a remedy and it does not work, then you may need to see a homeopath who has the experience to prescribe effectively and appropriately.

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