Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lost everything , no way out of debt, work gone - has despair got you in its grip?

Homeopathy can help. The homeopathy remedy made from Gold - Aurum Metallicum is a remedy for those people who have been workaholics and high achievers all their lives. They are used to taking a large amount of responsibility for others and are loyal and conscientious employers who worry about the income and livelihoods of the people who depend upon their business to provide for their own families. First and/or only children of their parents, caring yet serious and driven to succeed ....they rarely fail but when they feel they have failed, they are vulnerable to plunging into despair, aloneness and utter weariness of life. All their life-long overwork catches up with them. They have learned to strongly base their whole identity and reason for existence on their achievements, if these be all at once taken away..they feel worthless. They think they have no reason to exist any more and become convinced they should end it all - there is no way out, all seems black and hopeless. 

Aurum husbands express their love and fidelity for their wives and families through labour and work and often they do not know how to express it differently. Aurum are not spontaneous or affectionate although they will be able to 'talk' and show concern and attempt to solve their spouses problems an even parent them unnecessarily at times. Aurum's marriages often break down as they work all the time, spend time away from home and family...they feel they do their duty and expect unconditional loyalty from their wife and children , not suspecting for one moment that just maybe , their family wants to 'be' with them, spend time with them and just love them. Aurum men think that they are useless and unwanted without work. They also inherently feel that achievement equals worthiness to receive love. As long as they can provide for others financially, they will feel secure emotionally.  Unfortunately in life, they may end up attracting 'gold-digger' women. This convinces them further that they are right about how money really is the only thing to make a person valuable in the eyes of society. A major pit-fall for many men. Many wives will be content with this arrangement of money and security in exchange for love. But for a woman who truly loves her husband without conditions, her discontent will increase exponentially in proportion to his success. If the marriage goes, because the wife complains that they have had to seek love elsewhere, he can't fathom it and it will be like a bolt out of the blue. The shock can trigger a depression as Aurum types are so faithful and tend to be one-person lovers. Disappointment and betrayal in love will hurt them forever. Their feelings run deep and last long.  Aurum men are not players as they are dutiful, conscientious and have traditional values and are often religious. If divorce is against their inner conviction, they will persist with a marriage and not be the one to break their 'vows' . They find it hard to re-marry and can become cynical and yes, throw themselves ever more into work which perpetuates their loneliness. 

Aurum demands the best from themselves and others and usually do things so well, they are in a position to expect the same from people who are less able than themselves. They can be terribly hard on themselves and reproachful of their mistakes. Mostly Aurum types will turn their anger on themselves, but when they are exhausted and overburdened (and it takes alot for this type of person to show that this is ineed the case) they may become intensely irritable and angry and may rage against their spouses or others whom they feel are complicit in their situation. Sometimes for religious types, they can rage against God or begin to doubt the existence of God, losing all sense of the meaning of life. if the rage because of being so intolerable to an inherently moral person  becomes suppressed then a deep and dark depression and crisis ensues.
Aurum's depression is very heavy and unwieldy...when you spend time with someone who is in this state , you may begin to feel down and hopeless yourself and will be angry at them for making you feel this way. You will feel deeply frustrated that they are so unreachable and their conviction that there is no point in life seems barely understandable given that they are so talented and have so much to offer and so much going for them.

Finally the two paths of self-destruct for Aurum, are suicide and heart-attack. To feel unloved and unlovable, and to feel worthless and left with 'nothing' makes them see no point in life. The biggest lesson of their lives is that who they are has nothing to do with success or failure, work or labour. This crisis can free a person from a rigid world-view which truly blocks out the lightness of life, the true 'Gold' of life.......LOVE. Their hearts cannot withstand the pain of being separated from human love and from God. A voice whispers 'End it'. Unfortunately when this type decides to die, they are at risk and they may well have concealed their inner despair from others. Others do not suspect their inner state , especially if they appear to be working away at problem solving. Aurum types will hang themselves or jump off a building from a height. In their own minds, they have fallen from grace. They may choose other methods too.

In Ireland at present, and this is also a universal human experience, there are many men who are blinking in astonishment and bewilderment. Feelings of rage, blame, self-blame, questioning life and what it is about, questioning whether they ever had anything at all, and now that they have lost finance and money , nobody loves them. Has it all been worth it? What have I got now?  There is no point. I see no way out. There is no future. I have lost everything. I am not loved. Nobody cares or ever has. My death, the loss of me will mean nothing to others or to the world. I may as well not exist.

Aurum Metallicum brings hope and light to a heavy heart. Homeopathy can help.

Other  physical signs and symptoms of Aurum are insomnia, asthma, heart problems (feeling of heaviness and weight in the chest) ,high blood pressure, excessive drinking and alcoholism,  liver problems and digestive disturbance such as distension and bloating, constipation. They also start to overeat to relieve tension and sometimes are bulimic. Aurum types when they are making an especial attempt to hide their inner sadness will fix a smile on their face and seem to smile almost involuntarily all the time.

Aurum Metallicum is often indicated for women as well. The above profile applies with the added issue of infertility and failure and worthlessness associated with not being able to bear children.

Aurum doesn't not merely apply to adults and older people. Young people, ambitious people, people desperately looking for value and worth through academic achievement and success. The Leaving Certificate has begun today. It is not unheard of for students who despair about failure and fear it to become suicidal. It is not that rare a happening for a student on receiving their exam results to plunge into depression and be at risk of suicide.

For you who, work and labour and succeed, remember that you are loved and slow down. The gold of life is not safely tucked away in a bank. Enjoy the simple qualities of keeping company with a person who loves you and try to enjoy and savour what you have done, try to attach meaning to life, realise that meaning does not have a price. You will regain your life.

For you, who recognise this type in your circle or family or your company.....keep watch. Look out for this person who for all their talent, capability and seeming unending strength and determination may just not feel like a 'good' person. They hide their despair and fear from you.

Crisis is good but must not tip over into destruction instead release a new beginning.

 Remember, the Chinese Proverb : True Gold does not fear Fire

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