Sunday, 2 June 2013

Financial Worries, Survival stress

Economic crisis is now global . It is also deeply personal. It is more than just a media article or report or statistic which governments rush to adjust or conceal or manipulate. This is to do with people's lives, their livelihood, their work, their health, their happiness and well-being. On a deeper level, it is a crisis of trust, faith, belief in the honourableness and fairness of exchange between fellow human beings wherever they may live on the planet. This involves issues which will develop and further us, and change the world, should we overcome them. When can we learn to manage and control the material facets of our lives while having our eyes fixed on higher goals? When do we overthrow concepts such as 'survival of the fittest' and replace them with more evolved and spiritually true realities of interdependence and relationship? When I have something or acquire something, it should not automatically proportionately signify a direct loss to another person. Ethical consumerism, honour in business, trust in the word of a person, fairness in wants and needs and the fulfilling those wants and needs, humanity in commercialism, the perception of the person behind a number....when, oh when will all these things come about en masse?

Economic crisis on a personal level is connected with changing times. The opportunity for revolutionising calculated intellectual approaches to survival has arrived. There are many seed-changes growing into global movements. I am not a political animal myself. For all you passionate advocates of ethical consumerism and ethical investment, you have my boundless respect and support of your work. My way of contributing is to work with the individual and try to build bridges to personal happiness,fulfilling life-changes and re-orientations. Health is a foundation on which a construct of personal triumph can be built. I do not mean mere physical health as a measurement of this triumph , but healthy thinking, healthy inner life, healthy love, healthy psychology, healthy attitude. Healthy living is constituted not merely through choosing organic food, eco-friendly products and chemical free environments though these things already can change and transform health. True health and inner vitality emerges from deeper factors too.

Worrying every day about money and having enough to provide for oneself and one's families corrodes and deteriorates health and happiness very quickly. It makes a person contract with tension. A feeling of being poor connects in with one's feeling of self-worth as many people never broke this link between possession of material goods and personal success and happiness. Identifying money , one's work and one's income with one's being is dangerous but very common.
Once money, work, and income are compromised, the person is also compromised. He or she does not know who they are. They lose their self-hood and can fall into existential despair and confusion. Deep feelings of poverty frequently bring about shame and discomfort in front of others. So a struggling person begins to withdraw from many relationships as they become more and more self-conscious.

People who have been caught up on a treadmill or in an unaware mode of living, feel that one needs money in order to 'relate'. The simple things in life have been forgotten. Meeting for lunch or coffee has replaced going for a walk. Entertaining and offering beautiful and often costly meals has replaced visiting, sitting in company and singing together and just talking. Working far from home requires money to drive and lack of rootedness in local community. Women have to have hair cuts, nice clothes, a good image to make the friends they want and because they fear judgement, ridicule and ostracising or class prejudice and a diminishing of opportunity in networks. People really do set store on impressions. A lovely smile or a light in the eyes does not always succeed in making an impression in a society where using others to get ahead is seen as normal. People who marry each other sometimes see the 'package' and not the person. Many individuals are in quite conditional relationships and friendships and have many superficial acquaintances. Personal dependency alarms friends and family for they already have 'enough on their plate'. Quickly friends disappear, family can let their own down and isolation ensues. It is hard to connect with others who are suffering in the same way as people like to hide poverty behind closed doors.
The State is supposed to be the one relationship which cannot fail. But how can that make sense when one's relationship with the State has nothing to do with love? It is only Love that keeps on giving. Even the concept of citizenship has been eroded: love of one's country has become a complicated system of taxes and payments leading to a field of entitlement and blame.

Losing money can destroy a person's life, It is a spiral that gets out of control.

This crisis has to wake us up to the fact that we are not our things, who we are is not always reflected clearly in the eyes of others. The house we live in and the work we do doesn't always say much about who we are. Trusting in something outside of oneself is natural to a human being who is in fact just a small creature in a beautiful and large universe. To place one's trust in what we can see and what we can touch, in what is makes sense. But it doesn't work. In the long-term it produces unhappiness and sickness and can be taken away.
What is intangible and invisible often has the most power to effect change: love, giving, peace, kindness, hope, courage, encouragement, faith. The intangibles are the most valuable and have the most worth. Maybe homeopathy, scorned for consisting of 'nothing' , for being 'nothing' and healing 'nothing' may finally have a part to play.

So to continue, this is all very easy to talk about, but what can someone who is assailed with a life-experience such as a plunge into poverty and penny-pinching, DO? How can you save yourself? Health is your wealth. Well, homeopathy can help.

What you need in order to get out of this is:

  1. Self-belief and the knowledge that this ongoing experience says nothing about your life, who you are and what you have is just an experience and like all times in life, this too will pass.   
  2. The ability to continue to love another and be loved in turn, for oneself. Hang on to prized relationships. From our relationships springs more than we ever realised. 
  3. Energy. Physical and mental and emotional. 
  4. Physical ailments affecting daily functioning need to be healed.
  5. The ability to think straight, focus, be mentally alert and acquire enough healing sleep.
  6. Faith! We all need a belief system that is not hooked on economics. Money does not and never has equalled power. Let's be willing to drop this idea and live from a different inner base. Money does not make the world go round : Love does!                                                                           

Sometimes in order to gain, one has to let go. Many times in life, we are forced into this letting go, by having something taken away from us. If we can participate and volunteer in letting go of ideas as well as things, we all may be utterly surprised by what begins to happen and what 'luck' comes our way. Inner change does provoke outer change. Change begins with changing how we feel. A difficult situation impedes less when we feel better. My next post will draw a portrait of individual responses to money-worry and the symptom patterns both in body and mind, which can be healed and helped by using remedies and I will let you know, of course, which remedies you can use!

In the meantime, when we think of losing the roof over our heads, let's think on this instead:

"The very most you can do in your life, is figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance, but live inside it, right under its roof."

Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams

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