Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tired eyes from looking at a screen all day?

Do you get tired eyes from looking at a computer screen all day? A sensation of soreness ? Dryness in your eyes, which makes you want to blink? Do you have a frequent urge to rub your eyes or close them for a while? Are you suffering from headaches due to eye strain? Do you do work or crafts using your hands and focusing on fine details? I have a simple tip for you: Try taking the homeopathic remedy Ruta 30c. Take Ruta 30c if you only suffer from this occasionally. If you find you need to take something for days in a row - try using a lower potency Ruta 6c which is more effective if you need to continue taking this remedy. Ruta will help your eyes to recover.

Other tips for happy eyes!
  • Make sure your eyes are well lubricated. Drink plenty of water each day and take Fish Oils or Udo's Oil as a supplement. This will not only effect the surface of your eyes but effect the suppleness and hydration of your skin all over and the mucous membranes internally too. You can of course use natural eye-drops available in health food stores. I recommend one in particular : Oculoheel. This has a combination of Euphrasia and Calendula in it. 
  • Take Bilberry herb in supplement form. This herb supports increased circulation to the eye, thus supporting the long-term health of the eye.
  • If you ever receive an injury to the eye in sports or because of an unfortunate blow to the eye , take a combination of Arnica 200c and Ruta 30c. Ruta not only heals and soothes eye-strain but is also useful for blows and injuries to the eye, preventing future damage as a result of trauma. This includes surgery to or around the eye. 
Eyes truly are the window of the soul.  

When your eyes are bright and have happiness and laughter radiating from them, then your window to the world is a beautiful view! Do not let your eyes become weary and tired, blinking away impressions because it all gets too much! Give them and your Self a rest. Let yourself see what is fresh and natural. Remember to nourish your eyes with exposure to beauty and steady, natural imagery away from TV, computer screens and fluorescent lights. 

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