Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Simple Remedy for a cold

I developed a few sniffles today which reminded me to post about a fantastic remedy  if you feel a cold coming on and can't afford to be sick!

Aconite 30c. Take this if (like me) you got caught out with a sudden drop in temperature outside without your coat! This is for a cold that come on after 'catching cold' , directly after having been chilled, from being exposed to a cold, dry wind. Colds like these will come on suddenly and may develop after midnight....if you feel chilly, look pale and start to sneeze with a hint of a sore throat..use Aconite. You won't be needing to snuggle up with hot drinks then! Mind you, why not wrap up in some comfort and take time out anyway! It could be a warning sign you're moving too fast and your body is telling you ..whoa there.....


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  2. Dear Sachin, Thanks for reading and for your feedback..lovely to know it might be useful to someone!


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