Thursday, 16 May 2013

Having a bad day?

Did you wake up this morning feeling unrefreshed, grumpy,
in the mood for procrastinating?

You need a 'slow-pace' day and a bit of love! Eat some fruit, drink in some flowers..........
Fruit pulls out the toxins that weigh you down.
And Flower essences refresh your psyche! 

Try some Bach Flower Remedies for some essential Tender Loving Care. 

 Add 3 drops from each flower remedy  mentioned below into a glass of water, or your water bottle and drink or sip throughout the day. 

Or add 3 drops from each flower into a 30ml pipette dropper bottle and label it "Bad Day Blues"  Take 4 drops on the tongue 4 times today or more often if you like.  

  • Rock Water:  for being too rigid in setting goals for yourself which are unrealistic for the day, not letting yourself off the hook
  • Holly: to bring some opening energy to your heart
  • Impatiens:      impatience and irritability and lack of tolerance (and  on bad days you may well be feeling all of these things towards yourself as well as others around you!) 
  • Scleranthus:  for being out of balance and scattered in your thoughts, inability to focus
  • Hornbeam: mental fatigue and lack of concentration
  • Walnut: we can all do with a bit of Walnut to help us adapt our daily plan, in acknowledgement of where one is truly at and what one's needs are.
Rhythm of ebb and flow 

Disease is the inability to adapt to change. 

We change from day to day, our moods, our plans, our needs, our pace, our energy. If you're having a bad day, make a plan and love yourself, stay in the moment. Everything will get done. But rhythm is essential. Stay still today, then move. Ebb and flow. Bad days are for when your life force ebbs before crashing jubilantly into shore! 

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