Friday, 24 May 2013

Exam Fears

May is the month before the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert. And the lead-up to these exams can be a time full of pressure, concern, anxiety and stress for both students and their parents (I am not discussing the teachers in this post!)  Parents want their child to do as well as possible. They also want their children to hold their own and go through the exams with minimal stress. Students have many concerns which can cause great tension and lead to physical ailments during the time when they really want to be at their best. Here are a few homeopathic remedies which can be used to relieve stress, release pressure and resolve physical ailments manifesting from anxiety.

Argentum-Nitricum 30c. The student will have a fear of failure and a feeling of anxiety mostly felt in their stomach. They may be highly anxious about doing well. Sometimes the tension can be so great that the person develops diarrhoea on or before the start of exams and he or she may suffer from panic attacks during the exams. The panic attack will be of the type where the person needs to escape from the exam hall and get some fresh air as well as profuse sweating and the feeling that they may lose control of their bowels. Their heart may be palpitating too. This remedy will provide immediate relief.

Carcinosin 30c This is for a perfectionist type student who all along has achieved consistently good results. Because of the devotion to study and the sheer motivation, it might not occur to others to observe how stressed and strung-out they actually are. Should stress be observed, the parent will have trouble persuading the student to take a break or leave off studying in order to mentally refresh themselves. This remedy helps with sleeplessness as a result of over-study and driven perfectionism. It also relieves the inner pressure the student is putting on themselves. Students who study this hard may have difficult emotional circumstances in their families so studying and gaining a place in a university is their ticket out of there and their only escape. 

Silica 30c. This remedy is for students who usually are very good students. However, they can sometimes be slow writers due to wishing to write very neatly and present well. This can effect their speed during exam time-limits. They also feel anticipation and dread of exams. They fear oral exams as they are very shy and reserved and find that very intimidating.  They do also have a fear of failure. These students are also very sensitive to other people's opinions which can make them vulnerable in more imaginative exercises as opposed to exams in Maths or Sciences.The type of panic a Silica type student experiences is to do with weakness and faintness. They will have burned out their physical stamina, their blood pressure will drop due to stress, they will lose appetite and may easily be inclined to fainting or vomiting from a sensitive stomach. 

Lycopodium 30c is useful for teenagers with no confidence. They have trouble with writing, and spelling. They suffer from performance anxiety and even though they may well boast about how well they're going to do..they are are secretly very worried and insecure. They also may be children of pushy parents and feel that their parents only really care about them if they achieve something. So this can make them rebel not only against their parents but against themselves. When they become particularly nervous , they develop wind and uncomfortable gas in their stomachs and as such are prone to farting and belching. They experience anxiety in their stomach which can make them constipated and lead to severe bloating and stomach distension. 

Aconite 30c. This for a full-blown panic attack. The heart will be beating very fast, anxiety in the chest, a pale face and the expression on their face will be fearful. This remedy works wonders for panic. 

Examinations bring up so many sensitive and vulnerable areas both in adults, mature students and in the young school-going teenager. It is normal and natural to feel stress around these events. These reactions are not a sign of weakness, mental health issues or a lack of talent and ability. It is so important for the support which is provided to a student at any time, to be unconditional. Results can be interpreted in so many ways. Failure to achieve a high grade can lead a person onto a good path by informing what choices are possible and sometimes in retrospect one looks aback and sees how fortuitous an event this was. Who is to say that one road would have led the person to happiness and another one compromised their happiness? Everything always works out in the end. There are always choices to be made. The further into life one gets, the more these moments will be forgotten and lose all significance. Except where people are made to feel guilty, unintelligent, unworthy and stupid. Those emotions last long after the exam result has faded from memory.

Everyone has their light to shine. It does not always sparkle on demand and at a dictated time. For all of you sitting exams, take heart and believe in yourselves. No grade will ever reflect who you are and what you have to offer and what the future will bring you. For all parents who wish the best for their is everything. And love makes happiness. And happiness makes success. 

Be the best you can be at any one moment in time. That is enough. Let no-one tell you any different. 


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  2. Dear Homeopathy Clinic , many thanks for your kind feedback and I wish you all the very best of success in your work.


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