Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Body Image & Summer Wear

Coming into summer women's magazines are full of advice and tips regarding dieting and how to develop the perfect bikini body. But not everyone feels that earthed, grounded and proud to be in their skin. Summer can be a time of a background emotional stress to daily living for some women or in fact, men. What to wear which is comfortable and light without stripping off?  How to feel at ease and maintain a pride and integrity in one's body without being pressured to conform to images of tanned, sleek frames in tiny bikinis, string vest tops, bare legs, lightly clad feet? How even do men handle self-consciousness about any lack of fitness and a slightly emerging belly etc ?

Homeopathy can really help with emotional issues regarding shame and discomfort, a lack of love for self, and also of course it can help with physical ailments which cause embarassment and self-consciousness. It is a pity if one's lightness of being  is constrained during summer days where freedom, emergence, relaxation and contentment should really have a place.

A selection of tips:

Nat-mur is for people who have a tendency to feel embarrassed  and self-conscious, flush around the neck area and also overheat. This is not the best combination for summer time relaxing in the sun. People who need this are also very sensitive to light having astigmatism of the eyes and find that they always need to wear their sunglasses . They easily develop prickly heat, skin rashes and irritation from too much exposure to the sun. They also become easily dehydrated and as a result get frequent headaches. One unusual symptom  is that they very often sneeze every time they are in direct sunshine. Hay-fever is a common problem and general sinus blockage. Emotionally Nat-mur types carry alot of body-image difficulties no matter what their weight and shape . They are sensitive, deep feeling and romantic types but very vulnerable to rejection in love. They tend to harbour feelings of ugliness, shame and discomfort about their body weight. Nat-mur people can either be very thin and slender (and can't put on weight)  or can carry excess weight due to emotional comfort eating. The one thing that Nat-mur types do appreciate about the summer time is more time spent at the seaside. They love the sea, the ocean, the waves and the release and comfort they feel beside the sea. If the summer season is not for you and you recognise yourself in this, give it a try!

Lycopodium is for people who have a tendency to have very hard skin on the soles of their feet and who feel self-conscious about wearing sandals. Another tip regarding hard skin is to reduce your intake of dairy products.

Calc-carb is for those people who sweat profusely and who although comfortable in their bodies can become self-conscious, if they feel they are being looked at or observed in any way.

Sepia is another remedy for those who harbour negative self-image. Women's feelings of antipathy towards their bodies may be quite deep due to hurts from difficult or abusive relationships with men. However, Sepia types are very sensual and enjoy being earthy and grounded. They tend to exercise alot, if not excessively and exercise becomes an emotional lifeline. For women who never got a flat tummy back after having a child Sepia is the remedy which can help with muscle tone and flabbiness. Sepia women can sometimes have a little tummy pouch and no matter how slim they are , they can become self conscious about it sticking out.

Sulphur is for those who no matter their hygiene have trouble with body odour! They also are very warm-blooded creatures so hot temperatures are not appreciated.

 So this summer, shine your light when the light comes out and be beautiful! But remember having a body brings the usual variety of nitty-gritty ailments and homeopathy is the place to look for solutions! Not only will you find simple solutions but this energy medicine can uplift and relieve emotional stresses.

Let me know if you want me to cover other aspects related to this topic, I would be interested in hearing from you!


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