Sunday, 6 May 2012

Would you like to try homeopathic treatment by a Professional Homeopath?

Are you a new visitor to this blog? Are you a regular visitor? You are very welcome!
I hope you have found help, advice, information and knowledge here. I hope you have found what you are looking for. If you have a chronic illness or ongoing complaint that you have been unable to address yourself, or if you have tried therapeutic tips yourself to no avail......why not try professional homeopathic treatment? I now have a facility online to book /schedule a consultation with me over the phone or through Skype on the Internet.

It is more ideal to meet with a person face-to-face as one can make observations, see the person, get a feel for them, and engage with them . But this is possible through video calls on Skype even if these calls are not quite the same, they still are very real! If video-calling is not suitable, it is still possible to get a real sense of the person from in-depth and lengthy conversation over the phone. In recent times I have consented to treating patients who live in other countries or who live at a distance from where I live. This started when I moved to the countryside in my own country and when certain patients of mine did not wish to change homeopath despite living at a distance from my clinic! Also, some patients of mine moved abroad and wished to continue treatment with me so it seemed the right thing to do.  Treatments have been successful. You can order and receive your homeopathic remedies from pharmacies who provide mail-order services internationally. Sometimes, talking at length or in depth about ailments, health problems and personal difficulties can be safe and comfortable from the privacy of your own home. Some people who would otherwise be too shy or uncertain to approach a practitioner, feel better about interacting in this way. It also opens up communication channels world-wide.

I accept payments through PayPal so financial transactions are secure. Once I receive your email request, I will send you more information regarding what a consultation involves and how to go about acquiring the remedies I prescribe.I will answer any queries or concerns which you may have regarding whether homeopathy seems right for you.  We will then confirm payment and a time and date for the consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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