Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Speed Healing of Cuts & Minor Wounds

A cut can be painful if it is on a nerve-rich area such as the tips of your fingers.
Clean the cut gently with a solution of water + Tea Tree Oil OR solution of water + Hypercal tincture (a mixture of Hypericum and Calendula) OR a solution of water + Lavender Oil.

Apply Calendula or Hypercal Cream, lather on generously. Do not bandage unless absolutely necessary. That old chestnut about 'giving it air' is true! Bandages can be moist environments which are not always good for preventing infection, only good for a cut that bleeds profusely. To stop bleeding quickly,  just simply take a dose of the homeopathic remedy Calendula 30c.

If you worry over infection or have to get stitches for a deeper cut - then take a dose of Calendula 30c,  2-3xdaily for 3- 10 days depending on severity. This will speed healing, keep the wound antiseptic and uninfected and close it up with no scar. If the cut is painful and sore, take Hypericum 30c in addition to the Calendula.

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