Thursday, 14 April 2011

Homeopathic Calpol

What to do when your baby gets a high fever? A very worrying time for any Mum. There is a homeopathic remedy called Belladonna which is very effective at lowering temperatures. Symptoms that indicate it are flushed cheeks, dry lips, very hot to touch, heat around the head ( heat tends to be dry with not much sweating)  but cold feet (as all the energy is drawn up to the head during the fever). The pupils will be dilated and there will be a 'staring' look in the eyes. Belladonna is also really useful for ear infections where the right ear is affected. Belladonna also helps sore throats - fiery red inside sometimes accompanied by inflamed tonsils and other above-mentioned symptoms.

All Belladonna complaints come on suddenly without warning or build-up especially at night time. And funnily enough children who are particularly susceptible to a sudden temperature may get sick after getting their hair wet or after having a hair-cut. Use the 30c  potency as that is more effective. If you acquire the remedy in pill form - dissolve in a glass of water, give a teaspoon for each dose. Keep the glass covered and stir vigorously before administering each teaspoon. 1 teaspoon = 1 dose. Give between 1-3 doses over a 12-18 hour period. It works wonders. Because it is a natural remedy you will notice your child's appetite and good form will return very quickly alongside the temperature disappearing. Which does not always happen with the use of Paracetamol-containing products. Belladonna is a staple remedy to have in the house for families: for sudden high fevers, ear infections and sore throats. It may also be used for teething if your baby has a high fever and red cheeks with the pains.  

In suspected Meningitis cases, give Belladonna on your way to the hospital. Belladonna may also be used for any adverse reactions to MMR or the meningococcus vaccines if the symptoms start with a high fever.

I wouldn't be without it. Why not give it a try next time you reach for the Calpol?
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