Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Teething in Babies

Just when a parent is beginning to catch up on the intense sleep deprivation of the first few months of their newborn , suddenly night-times turn into a full-time job and you are dragging yourself round by day trying to soothe and comfort! But really the natural remedies for teething are so effective and so gentle and safe, that when Bonjela and biting-down on refrigerated toys just seem to achieve nothing there is still hope.

1. Most parents have heard now of Nelsons Teetha granules. It consists of the homeopathic remedy Chamomilla 6c. The granules are so tiny and like powder can be sprinkled out of a sachet directly into the mouth. They dissolve there and have an immediate effect. They are also safe to dissolve in formula. Symptoms that might indicate Chamomilla being the right remedy to try are as follows: wanting to be held and carried all the time, being clingy and yet when you hold your darling, he/she tries to push you away but just as soon asks to be picked up again. Red cheeks, irritable, whiny and sometimes may even have diarrhoea or greenish poohs.

2. New Era Tissue Salts do a Combination remedy that is effective and can be given to the baby throughout months of teething. If yo child is slow to teethe, give New Era Tissue Salts : Silica. If your child develops a teething cough, give New Era Tissue Salts Calc-Phos.

3. Rub Essential Oil of Clove directly onto the gums which has an analgesic effect.

4. There are other homeopathic remedies for teething problems especially where the teething seems to activate other health issues or dampen the baby's immunity somewhat making them vulnerable to colds, coughs or ear infections. One of these is Calc-carb 6c. Your baby may be a bit constipated (but not be too bothered by this),a chubby baby with a large head and who sweats at the back of his/her head and neck at night-time. Your child may be slow to cut teeth and find it difficult. This type of baby has a beautiful placid, calm and happy nature. This is the 'picture' of a baby who needs Calc-carb.

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