Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Question & Answer?

I have not been posting regularly to this blog in recent times but want to get back into the swing of it! And also make this more interactive!  I have a list of topics related to health for children, Mums and babies but also many other topics. If you have been a regular visitor or are an interested visitor to this blog searching for help or answers on health issues ...why not get in touch with a question you have about how to help yourself with homeopathy regarding a problem that you have had recently? I will publish both your question and my answer. All queries will be treated with care and understanding.  Perhaps you may also wish to get in touch privately with your query. I look forward to hearing from my visitors!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Constipation in Babies

Many babies suffer from this complaint. So much so that it is often considered quite 'normal' . But there is always a reason why and it is better to solve the underlying problem rather than giving regular symptomatic relief .

What do I mean by constipation?

Constipation does not only refer to being in pain, having a distended abdomen, or being in pain producing a bowel movement. It can also refer to painless infrequency of bowel movements and general inactivity of the bowel, even when it seems not to bother your baba.
A healthy bowel is one which eliminates waste matter regularly!

There is a difference between breast-fed babies and bottle-fed babies when it comes to frequency of bowel movements as it is more common for breast fed babies to have less movements. However, Mum should note  in the case of an infrequent bowel movement, whether the baby's abdomen is soft, their appetite remains healthy and has not reduced in any way (it is easy to attribute a reduced appetite to teething and other complaints), whether there are any noises, gurgling, gas or fermentation in the baby's belly, and whether the consistency of the stool remains soft, and whether there is any straining when the baby does have a bowel movement. If none of these symptoms are present, it is probably okay. 

Here are some suggestions of homeopathic remedies to use if your baby becomes constipated:

Silica 6x/ 6c/ or 1 dose only if 30c. Use this if baby's poohs are hard and small and dark and are produced with much strain and effort. Also if you notice that the stool does actually recede after baby has tried to go (if you catch baby poohing!) . Use if the constipation starts up coinciding with difficult and slow teething. And particularly if your baby's appetite is poor and they are not gaining weight satisfactorily.

Calc-carb 30c. This is useful if your baby seems to be not bothered at all in any way by being constipated and the bowel just seems inactive. This baby is a placid type, who gets a bit sweaty round the back of the head, is pudgy with chubby cheeks and contented. The constipation may accompany teething as well or not. And they may have trouble digesting milk or be sensitive to lactose or milk protein.

Lycopodium 30c. This is where the baby will be irritable with the constipation, and very 'gassy' lots of burping and/or farting alongside the complaint. Instead of having a poor appetite, they seem to never get enough to satisfy them and particularly get hungry at night-time. They will also be clingy and fussy in general from the discomfort and their abdomen will be distended or hard as a rock.

Nux-vomica 30c. Give this to an impatient, determined baby! Who can be irritable but is fiercely independent rather than clingy and who is experiencing alot more frustration with developmental milestones than other babies. Give this also where the baby has had any conventional medicines that have upset the system or where the baby has had to have had laxative to produce a bowel movement. This baby will be trying to go the loo and will strain and push but nothing will come out and all their efforts will be in vain.

Also, if your baby is constipated and has had a number of antibiotics use Infant Probiotics (I find the Udo's Choice Brand excellent)  to restore the friendly bacteria in the bowel and aid bowel health. But only give the probiotic after an antibiotic rather than during their treatment. It is always a waste of money to take probiotics while taking an anti-biotic - the antibiotic kill the probiotics off as fast as they go in. The infant probiotics are perfectly safe and can be mixed in with yoghurt for older babies on solids.

Breast-feeding Mums remember to check your own diet and make sure your baby doesn't have a cow's milk sensitivity and make sure you, yourself are not dehydrated and drink plenty of water and eat fruit. Do not over-do the fibre in your own diet though.

When babies are on solids as well as milk feeds - this is an obvious one, I know...but give them fruit ( not too much banana) and remember to give them water as well.

Constipation can have an overall effect on depressing immunity, toxifying the body, holding back development, preventing assimilation of nutrients and contributing to poor growth and picky eaters; so it is not a 'small' complaint in relation to your baby's overall health and well-being!

There are many other natural  remedies and tips for alleviating constipation as well as homeopathy but that is for another day!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Teething Rash

A long time since posting - busy with motherhood !
If your baby is dribbling and drooling so much that it becomes excoriating and they develop a rash around the mouth and chin, use the following to soothe and relieve: Aloe Vera Gel, Weleda Calendolon / Calendula Ointment and or Nelsons Hypercal. You could also apply a little Lavender Oil neat to the skin.
as well as that try using a cotton bib with a reinforced, thicker neck which can absorb alot of liquid before it gathers on the skin. Tesco supply these and the o+ months bibs do fit older babies. The principles are the same as for nappy rash. Try to keep them as dry as possible.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Homeopathic Calpol

What to do when your baby gets a high fever? A very worrying time for any Mum. There is a homeopathic remedy called Belladonna which is very effective at lowering temperatures. Symptoms that indicate it are flushed cheeks, dry lips, very hot to touch, heat around the head ( heat tends to be dry with not much sweating)  but cold feet (as all the energy is drawn up to the head during the fever). The pupils will be dilated and there will be a 'staring' look in the eyes. Belladonna is also really useful for ear infections where the right ear is affected. Belladonna also helps sore throats - fiery red inside sometimes accompanied by inflamed tonsils and other above-mentioned symptoms.

All Belladonna complaints come on suddenly without warning or build-up especially at night time. And funnily enough children who are particularly susceptible to a sudden temperature may get sick after getting their hair wet or after having a hair-cut. Use the 30c  potency as that is more effective. If you acquire the remedy in pill form - dissolve in a glass of water, give a teaspoon for each dose. Keep the glass covered and stir vigorously before administering each teaspoon. 1 teaspoon = 1 dose. Give between 1-3 doses over a 12-18 hour period. It works wonders. Because it is a natural remedy you will notice your child's appetite and good form will return very quickly alongside the temperature disappearing. Which does not always happen with the use of Paracetamol-containing products. Belladonna is a staple remedy to have in the house for families: for sudden high fevers, ear infections and sore throats. It may also be used for teething if your baby has a high fever and red cheeks with the pains.  

In suspected Meningitis cases, give Belladonna on your way to the hospital. Belladonna may also be used for any adverse reactions to MMR or the meningococcus vaccines if the symptoms start with a high fever.

I wouldn't be without it. Why not give it a try next time you reach for the Calpol?

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Homeopathy & Baby's 1st Year

For all Mums who have worries about their babies' health, especially during the first year of life- homeopathy is for you. For 1st time Mums, where the anxiety is even more challenging to cope with due to lack of experience - homeopathy is for you. How can it help? In recent times I have seen babies, who have just been given a brand new body to work with, with brand new organs, a perfect little bundle with new systems all functioning seamlessly, being plagued with snotty noses, ear infections, skin complaints, chest infections, repeated bouts of antibiotics, digestive trouble such as colic, reflux, vomiting, chronic constipation. This plethora of health problems in newborns and slightly older babies has begun to be considered perfectly normal. Mothers swap  little tit bits of info about what to do in all these situations. The fact that it happens to lots of babies makes them feel a bit better, despite the niggling anxiety over whether this should be happening at all. When babies go to creche and start picking up lots of different infections from other babies - that is also considered something to be tolerated and sure what can you do? It is awful to feel you have no choice but to administer antibiotics because nothing else works. It's not that you want to - but you can't let an ear infection carry on. What if the fever goes too high and they have a febrile convulsion? And forget those guilt-trips about not having passed on your own immunity to your baby because breast-feeding didn't work out. Some Mums do everything 'right' - that doesn't guarantee your child's health even when you thought it would.

Homeopathy cannot be ignored any more. It is safe and gentle. It can be given to a baby of any age from newborn infanthood up to older ages. It is simple to administer with no bad taste, in a granule form that dissolves directly in the mouth and does not have to be digested or managed with food and will not cause side-effects. You can learn about how to use homeopathy yourself and have great success in dealing with everyday ailments - so it does not always involve seeing a professional. This 'cuts out the middle-man' so to speak, making you more empowered and feeling less helpless, more confident and less anxious when your child gets sick. Your own ability to deal with and confront sickness vastly improves - you no longer feel paranoid about germs, guilt feelings about what your child has been exposed to. Instead, you know your child will only contract an illness if they are susceptible and you don't fuss about germs and hygiene as much any more, or fuss about who visits your house, fuss about the creche or whether you can take your baby with you, if you have to visit someone in hospital etc etc. Finally, you have a medicine that lowers high temperatures instead of Calpol. This medicine does not cause your baby to be woozy, drowsy or off-form. You can help your friend's children and your relatives' children. You can relax at work instead of having to rush home and be forced to go the GP straightaway rather than nurse your child because you can't afford to have time off-work. The reason for this, is that you will know straightaway whether the homeopathic remedy is working, and it does not take long to establish an improvement.
Did you know you can consult a homeopath when your child is healthy? That your child's family history and history of pregnancy, birth, health to date can be recorded so that when your baby gets sick, you call your homeopath and get an alternative solution straightaway? Did you know it is entirely possible and realistic to bring your child up without using antibiotics except in exceptional circumstances? Did you know that you can claim back costs of consultation fees with homeopaths from your health-insurance?
So, why not find out about it? Buy a book, buy some homeopathic remedies, learn how to use them, consult a homeopath so you have more options for the health and well-being of your family. Try it. Your life as a mother will be eased and soothed, less to worry about, less guilt, less feeling trapped and frustrated. I know - as a Mum myself. My knowledge of homeopathy has meant my family never has to attend the GP, my animals are virtually never at the vets and the health and vitality of us all cannot have a price put on it. For that, I am grateful. As a homeopath, I wish every Mum could feel the same peace of mind.

Make a start with the following:

1. Inform yourself with a couple of books: Miranda Castro's Mother and Baby is an excellent start or try her The Complete Homeopathy Handbook. It explains everything.

2. Buy some remedies. There are 'First-Aid' Kits available which contain 36 remedies and an explanatory booklet explaining how to use the remedies. The kit will last you for years and each vial can be refilled.This kit is like a mini-homeopathic pharmacy at your finger tips, at home in your cupboard - it will handle most everyday ailments common in babies. Nelsons Homeopathic Dispensary in Dublin stock them and they are available online from Helios.

3. Consult a professional homeopath for your baby. Get support and direction if you feel too apprehensive about trying it yourself. I work in Leitrim but there are homeopaths country-wide. If you want to locate one in your area go to 'Find a Homeopath' section of the website of the Irish Society of Homeopaths. If you are in another country, research your own country's professional society as they will have a Register of approved practitioners.

4. Then relax! When someone asks you "How come your child seems to be so healthy? It's been one thing after the other with mine" - tell them "I discovered homeopathy - it was such a relief and helped our whole family" and then pass the word on.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Teething in Babies

Just when a parent is beginning to catch up on the intense sleep deprivation of the first few months of their newborn , suddenly night-times turn into a full-time job and you are dragging yourself round by day trying to soothe and comfort! But really the natural remedies for teething are so effective and so gentle and safe, that when Bonjela and biting-down on refrigerated toys just seem to achieve nothing there is still hope.

1. Most parents have heard now of Nelsons Teetha granules. It consists of the homeopathic remedy Chamomilla 6c. The granules are so tiny and like powder can be sprinkled out of a sachet directly into the mouth. They dissolve there and have an immediate effect. They are also safe to dissolve in formula. Symptoms that might indicate Chamomilla being the right remedy to try are as follows: wanting to be held and carried all the time, being clingy and yet when you hold your darling, he/she tries to push you away but just as soon asks to be picked up again. Red cheeks, irritable, whiny and sometimes may even have diarrhoea or greenish poohs.

2. New Era Tissue Salts do a Combination remedy that is effective and can be given to the baby throughout months of teething. If yo child is slow to teethe, give New Era Tissue Salts : Silica. If your child develops a teething cough, give New Era Tissue Salts Calc-Phos.

3. Rub Essential Oil of Clove directly onto the gums which has an analgesic effect.

4. There are other homeopathic remedies for teething problems especially where the teething seems to activate other health issues or dampen the baby's immunity somewhat making them vulnerable to colds, coughs or ear infections. One of these is Calc-carb 6c. Your baby may be a bit constipated (but not be too bothered by this),a chubby baby with a large head and who sweats at the back of his/her head and neck at night-time. Your child may be slow to cut teeth and find it difficult. This type of baby has a beautiful placid, calm and happy nature. This is the 'picture' of a baby who needs Calc-carb.
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