Thursday, 25 February 2010

Colic in Babies

A newborn baby crying
Colic can be the scourge of the first few months of babyhood - really distressing both mother and infant! But there is so much can be done to give complete relief!

Here are three popular homeopathic remedies for colic to give the baby, whether the baby is being breast-fed or bottle-fed.  In fact, if the baby is being breast fed- the mother can take the remedy in order to pass it onto the baby. Alternatively, get hold of the remedy in granule form. The granules are very tiny- Mum can wet her finger, place a few granules on top and gently slip her finger with the granules into the baby's mouth. Another way is just to simply dissolve a few granules in a teaspoon of water and give directly into mouth or add to formula. (For busy Mums of very small babies who are not out and about shopping etc. yet, remember that many heath-food shops and homeopathic phaacies do mail-order and can send you help by post!)

1. Colocynthis 30c.  Give this if the baby is bending double and folding or curling up his/her knees against her tummy with the pain.
2. Dioscorea 30c - this is if the baby squirms around and keeps arching his/her back with the pain.
3. Chamomilla 30c - give for colic that is intensely painful causing the child to shriek and scream. A baby who is in a 'Chamomilla' state will want to be carried, but when you pick baby up - he will push you away. Nothing pleases and nothing you can do will soothe the baby.

Now. there are other fantastic remedies for colic but these would be the most commonly used ones. If none of these work, consult with your homeopath for an individual prescription.

Also, useful if you try New Era Tissue Salts Combination E. They are very tiny tablets that melt immediately in the mouth. Mum can also try drinking Fennel or Chamomile or Peppermint teas to relieve her own digestion and pass to a breast-fed baby.

All of the above-mentioned are safe, and effective and without any side-effects. Very gentle solutions - perfect for beloved babies.

Baby massage can also be very useful to learn as this may help with digestion and winding. Look up baby-massage classes in your area. You can also try massaging Rescue Remedy Cream onto the baby's belly to give some relief.

What causes Colic?

In my experience, many babies are sensitive to cow's milk. That is, if the breastfeeding mother is drinking and eating alot of dairy productswhile breastfeeding.  Some babies can be completely intolerant of Lactose - a milk-protein which may also be found in baby formula. If you are not sure whether this is the cause, then the simplest way to find out is to cut out dairy products in the diet of the breastfeeding mother and if the colic improves or stops then you know what has been happening. Do not worry - remember there are many other and even far betteer food sources of Calcium e.g. leafy greens (spinach, cabbage, salad leaves), sesame seeds (also Tahini - sesame seed paste), Calcium-enriched replacement-dairy Soya products, to mention a few. Alternatively, the mother can take a Lactase supplement - this is the digestive enzyme that helps to efficiently digest the milk protein. This can also be given to baby in small amounts.
Alternatively, switch baby formula. There is a wonderful alternative baby-formula on the market (UK & Ireland only) called Nanny Goat - it has all the nutrients necessary for the baby's health and growth only minus the milk-allergen as it is made from Goat's Milk. This is also useful to give babies with eczema who are allergic to milk.

It can be a very stressful time managing and looking after a new baby - so, try to remember there is much help on hand, and you have choices over what to give your darling. And try to keep in mind - this too will pass!

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