Tuesday, 19 January 2010

More for Insomnia Part III

There are natural medicines that can be used as sleep-aids and which have a sedative effect. The following can help you to fall asleep:

1. Tincture of Scutellaria or Skullcap.
Take 10-15 drops in a little water before going to bed.
2. Avena Sativa Tincture (Wild Oats). This has a relaxing effect on the nervous system. It also has mild anti-depressant effects. Take 5 drops in a little water 2-3xdaily and especially before sleep.
3. Valerian-Hops Herb Tincture. Many people use this particular combination which works very well. Take drops in water before bed. for nervous or highly-strung people I would not especially advise you to take Valerian as it may stimulate rather than calm.
4. I would also recommend taking a Calcium tablet before bed, at nighttime rather than in the morning. Calcium helps the nervous system as well as strengthening the bones.
5. Try burning the essential oil of Lavender in your bedroom. or placing a few drops on your pillow for you to inhale as you drift off to sleep. Alternatively, you could add to some Sweet Almond Oil and massage into your temples.

There are many herbs in different combinations and brands available as sleep aids on the marfket in health food shops. Try experimenting with these. Some examples are Natrasleep, Natracalm, Weleda Sleep Compound etc.

Most of the above will provide some help and may even solve the problem for you. But as mentioned previously, it is better to uncover the reasons for sleeplessness and tackle these, as well as availing of temporary helps. For those with chronic sleeplessness, you must look at stress in your life and build strength and resilience to this on every level with the right support. Emotional and physical.

If you have tried everything and still the problem persists then the issue of sleeplessness goes much deeper and you may need help of a different kind- for that help, I can recommend homeopathy and consulting a homeopath in order to get help tailored to your individual form of insomnia. It works.

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