Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More tips regarding sleep (Part II)

In order to fall asleep more easily, what can you do before bedtime?

* Have a relaxing hot bath. Use Lavender or Rose or Chamomile. Drop: Vervain, White Chestnut and Olive Bach Flowers into the bath.
* Do not watch TV and most especially any violent films. It is not relaxing and it over-stimulates the mind. It is difficult to filter and choose images when your mind is tired and there are so many images coming your way. It is better to use your own imagination as You are the one who chooses what to experience.
* Do not fall asleep watching TV. Remove the TV from your bedroom.
* Never work in your bed, make calls from there. Your own associations with this place should only involve rest, relaxation, safety, protection, inner life.
* Do not eat after 6pm. Do not eat heavy meals in the evening. Otherwise, your body will need to use energy for digestion rather than rest and repair and refreshment. If you wake around 4 am or after, your liver may need support.
* Do not let yourself get dehydrated during the day to the extent where you become thirsty in the evening time.
* Do nor drink alcohol. Although alcohol sends some people to sleep - it does not make for refreshing sleep. And it will affect the morning of the next day as your body goes into detox instead of refuelling for activity and being ready for it. Some people are over stimulated by alcohol in their thoughts. If you are one of those take Coffea 30c (the homeopathic remedy)
* Try to have or experience silence as you wind down at night time. Potter around with nothing except your own thoughts, conversation with loved ones, family activities and NO background radio, TV etc.
* Do not have an overheated airless room to sleep in. Make sure that the window has at least been open during the day re-circulating fresh air. It is better to have a cool room and warm covers.
* Make sure you are warm in the bed. Coldness will keep you awake but you may not even identify it!
* Read if you like, as this can relax and tire at the same time before falling asleep. But read something good.
* Have low lighting, pastel colours, a good quality mattress. Be careful of plants, fluroescent lighting in the room. Do not place your bed opposite the door if you can help it. Never lie so that your feet point towards the door. Try to minimise electrical equipement in the bedroom including alarm clocks. Do not store things under your bed (depending on the space available to you).
* Never sleep with a mirror opposite the bed
* Take a glass of water and place beside you on a bedside locker.
* Rub Bach Rescue Remedy Cream on your forehead over the top of your nose.
* Place an Amethyst crystal under your pillow.
* 'Day-dream' or visualise nice things, special memories, retreat to something favourite inside yourself.
* Even your breathing. Make sure your in-breath is the same as your out-breath. become aware of your body and how it feels.

If you have any tips or tricks to add - why not post them below?
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