Monday, 15 February 2010

Nappy Rash

mother changing her baby's (6-12 months) nappyNappy rash in some babies can be pretty sore and look very inflamed and uncomfortable. If the skin becomes too excoriated then even doing a pee can also be uncomfortable and make your little one cry! Luckily, there are effective natural solutions to this: simple and gentle for baby!

Try a cream or ointment made from Calendula. Weleda do a great Nappy Rash Cream but there are also other good brands on the market. Nelsons Calendula Cream is another one. If the Nappy Rash is severe - try a water-based cream rather than a heavy oil-based one. Massage in when changing and hey presto! Better looking skin and quickly too. Calendula is a miracle skin healer. It reduces redness, inflammation and soreness. It heals and restores the skin.

Alternatively, you can add drops of Calendula Tincture to the baby's bath. It also comes in the form of a massage oil.

Sweet Almond Oil is a nice, light oil that can be rubbed in gently. You can then add some aromatherapy essential oils of your choice to this if you like. Such as Lavender which is soothing and antiseptic at the same time.

Avoid Vaseline (which may block airflow) and also Sudocreme. 

Another natural remedy you can use is Aloe Vera Gel. Be careful though as some brands can be ever so slightly drying. If you have your own plant at home, break off a leaf and squeeze onto your palm and rub gently in.

Some babies suffer from pretty bad nappy rash and no amount of topical applications seem to get rid of it. If the rash is that severe, fiery red and stretches all around the bottom  and is associated with other skin ailments - cradle cap, a touch of eczema or other things - then you might want to try just 2 or 3 doses (1 tab/pill = 1 dose) of Sulphur 6c , once daily over 2-3 days. If this does not work, ask your homeopath for an individual recommendation to solve the problem.  Homeopathic remedies are safe and effective in the treatment of infants, babies and children without any adverse side-effects! However, any repeated dispensing of internal homeopathic medicine should be supervised and directed by a qualified professional homeopath.


  1. Nappy rash occurs due to prolong wetness of skin which ultimately decreases the pH level of the upper layer of skin which looks like blistered red sore spot. Applying Calendula on infected portion will give better relief to baby.


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