Thursday, 7 January 2010

What to do when you have a fall?

The whole of  Ireland is experiencing a cold snap not seen for over 50 years. Snow and ice everywhere. And also many injuries from slipping and falling. The A&E departments are under pressure. Some people can take a fall (young people, fit people). Despite bruising and soreness. Others, however, who are elderly, or who have had broken bones before or who have some struggle with walking and balance - to these people it is traumatic. One can lose confidence, be very uncertain and have to pick out one's steps going forward. For the elderly it can be a disastrous happening. Say you have a hip replacement and then have a bad fall? What if you have brittle bones, more easily fractured? If you are overweight and fall badly then you will be more likely to be injured as well. For some people the fear of falling is a tangible and horrible fear.

So homeopathy provides a miracle remedy for just these scenarios. Don't ever go around without it!

ARNICA MONTANA. This remedy will help you with the effects of a bad fall, blow to the body, injury of any kind. It heals bruising, relieves pain, relieves shock. Sometimes the shock and upset from a previous fall can almost leave you predisposed to experiencing another one. Taking Arnica will prevent the susceptibility to the same event. have you ever thought is strange that sometimes people experience injury in exactly the same spot from a previous incident?  Have you ever seen someone fall really badly and then get up and claim they are fine, they don't need any help and they hardly feel the pain? That is the shock speaking. It is only later that they will feel the pain. Especially after a night's sleep. All their muscles, all of their body will protest. However a few doses  of Arnica prevents the bodily outcry! Take 30c or take 200c tablets. Arnica will help give complete pain relief even if a bone is broken. It speeds healing and recovery.

You can also use Arnica Cream to alleviate bruising - it works wonders!

For people who break a bone or several after falling. Take Arnica. Then wait until the bone is properly set by a medical expert. Beware though of a cast that extends over too large an area. Unnecessary coverage will add to muscle wastage and lengthen recovery of the whole part. Beware too of over-long periods of time spent with a cast on. Medics set one standard parameter for healing and everyone is expected to take the exact same period of time to recover despite individual differences in bodily health.

Once the bone has been set in place, you can take the following to speed the mending and repair:

Symphytum 30c. The common name for this remedy is Boneset - and that is because this will help the bone tissue to knit together very fast indeed. It can halve recovery time, in my experience. Take one or two doses a day for 10 days up until 3 weeks. Depending on the severity. with multiple fractures - you will need to take a good bit. However, remember only after the bone is set , otherwise the tissue will knit back in the wrong place.

Cell Salts: Calc-phos. This speeds healing of bones and strengthens them.

If the fracture has been at the site of a joint - take Cell Salts Calc-fluor every day.

If in the past, you have been slow to heal, whether it is from a small cut or a larger injury then you will need to support your body's healing capacities. Take Cell Salts Silica to achieve this.

By the way, if you are interested in learning more about how these simple remedies can help you in daily life- why not have a look at this book: Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature's Twelve Mineral Compounds

If after a bad fall, you have alot of fear of the same thing happening again and are anxious and afraid, and you have lost your confidence; take Aconite 30c.

Sometimes, there are other complications after a bad fall that have long-lasting effects beyond the specific injury. A shock to the body can activate latent illness, ready to appear as a result of genetic predisposition and heredity. You develop a complaint that seems unrelated to the event and which you have never before experienced, but which seems here to stay - like an illness. It's a "Never well since..." scenario. For situations like this, consult a homeopath for individualised treatment.

So be careful as you go, and go lightly ...but remember there is help on hand to minimise the damage as a result of falling. A secure footing gives us alot in life.

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