Monday, 14 December 2009

Raynaud's Syndrome

Many people dread the winter cold, and for good reason. They have Raynaud's and it will worsen over these winter-months in the more extreme seasonal temperatures. Raynaud's Syndrome is a condition where the circulation to the extremities; mainly the hands and feet, is severely restricted; causing symptoms such as discoloration of the fingertips (white, blue, purple, red), pain and soreness, tingling and itching, and numbness and deadness. Raynaud's may accompany other conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis or it may occur without there being an underlying diagnosed condition. The main causes of this are poor circulation and  inelasticity/constriction of the blood vessels not allowing them to expand in order to allow greater blood supply to that particular part and thus heat and colour.

People tend to tolerate it in misery, while doing their best to always keep their hands warm in order to prevent the fingers being severely affected.

Luckily there are quite a few natural helps in existence. So, what are they?

From your local-health food store or natural pharmacy :

  1.  Boost your circulation:
  • The No.1 Herb for this purpose is Ginkgo Biloba. Almost all its capacity to help certain health conditions is based on its ability to boost circulation and blood supply to any affected part. Please note that for people resident In the Republic of Ireland, this herb is not available in retail outlets. Although it is freely available in the UK and in Northern Ireland.   
  • Also, use the Schuessler Cell Salts. I recommend Kali-mur and Ferrum-Phos. For the chilblains themselves use Calc-Fluor.  The New Era Tissue Salts brand does a combination remedy mixture called Combination M designed for circulatory disorders. the label on the box also mentions that it  helps Varicose Veins, but even if you do not suffer from those, you can still use this combination.
  • Take Vitamin E which will imrove your circulation and has a natural blood thinning effect. It also helps stress, skin, hormones - you can't lose. But be mindful not to take more than 400 iu a day max.
  • Exercise more
2.    Improve the elasticity of the blood vessel walls.

To improve the elasticity of the blood vessel walls. Take Vitamin C. Also, take Rutin. How will you know if that is a factor in your case ? It may be, if you tend to bruise easily and bruising takes a while to heal. Also if you have easily burst blood capillaries that are visible on the skin. And the most obvious sign of all is varicose veins.

If you have Raynaud's and you are a smoker, I strongly advise trying to give it up as this is not helping you at all. More on giving up smoking later......

If you have Raynaud's, extremes of temperature will affect you badly. Although you will be tempted to place your hands and feet on radiators and heaters to bring them back, do not. The best thing you can do is try to keep a balanced lukewarm temperature all day whether you are indoors or outdoors. If it becomes extremely cold and your fingertips deaden and become white, do not heat them immediately afterwards. Either place them in cold water or do nothing. Although placing them in cold water is the exact opposite of what you might like to do , it is both homeopathic and effective. Believe me, it will restore the circulation without the rebounding painful  after-effects. Usually, if you heat them too much after having been exposed to cold, as soon as you get all the blood back into them you may then get swelling, or pain and soreness.

Avoid very hot baths and showers. Keep the temperatures when bathing more even.

I would recommend constitutional homeopathic treatment to resolve it permanently and prevent it recurring. But if you are not in a position to see a homeopath or do not feel like pursuing this method and are suffering from chilblains associated with Raynaud's, try getting hold of the homeopathic remedy Tamus 6c. Take only one tablet a day for a short period. And see if that helps. There are of course many other homeopathic remedies that deal with Raynaud's but individualised remedy prescriptions get the best results.

There is also a good topical cream for relief of associated chilblains by Nelsons simply named: Nelsons Chilblains Cream. Try that.


  1. Homeopathic remedy Hepar Sulf released me from Raynaud's syndrome. It took nearly a week, and I used 30c three times each day. I stopped when there were no symptoms, and I felt 'secure' - it was an emotional response. Didn't realize how stressed and 'exposed' and vulnerable I felt until I was feeling much better!

  2. Hi Anon, that is great that Hepar sulph helped you. It is interesting as it wouldn't be one of the remedies commonly used for Raynaud's however it is a remedy for people who suffer extreme chills. It also is a remedy that helps people with Mercury levels in their body which can adversely affect their health in several ways. Do you happen to have Mercury fillings or teeth problems as well? Interesting you made an emotional connection with with your physical complaint - hopefully this will help you. If you feel stressed again - you have something to use to help you out of it. Best of luck!

  3. Hi,I think i have Raynauds too; on my foot its awful i get the patches on seperate parts of my foot and there is so much discolouration on the toe nails of both feet mostly on the left foot same with the patches luckily the patches have'nt yet appeared on the right foot; im hoping they won't. Anyways i have a question- How can i get rid of these patches on the skin and the discolouration in my toe nails? Please help i would be so grateful, Thank-You'c

  4. Hello Anonymous, Apologies for the delay in replying to you as I have been away! If you can address the Raynaud's successfully then as your toenails grow out and the circulation is improved then these patches will disappear.
    (The patches are due to lack of blood supply as you know which means the nails do not get supplied with nutrients and oxygen etc.) It is possible that the above-mentioned measures might not be enough and I really recommend you see a professional homeopath to get what we call a "constitutional" remedy - a remedy really specifically tailored to your individual make-up and any health ailments, large and small which may also be accompanying the Raynaud's. I am sure you've thought of this - but is it possible you have a fungal infection under the nails which could also be causing the discoloration? In this case, then try bathing your toes in either Tea Tree Oil (drops diluted in water) every day and / or Grapefruit Seed Extract (Citricidal). It may also be useful to get Tincture of Calendula (Marigold) to bathe your toenails in, to promote healing even if there is no fungal infection present.I also recommend using the Schuessler Cell Salt of Silica. Silica is a necessary mineral constituent for the health of the nails, hair, teeth and bones and promotes strengthening.I am not sure which country you are based in but if you are in the UK or Ireland, try the brand New Era: Silica. They are widely available in health food shops and also online. I hope this helps..good luck. I know it is distressing and can be embarrassing.You'll find a way to sort it but get some help too.

  5. My fingers and toes turn yellow when I feel cold or run my hands in cold water. I have been taking omega 3 fish oil supplements but see no difference. What is the most effective treatment against this problem. Is their any treatments available in local drugstores that could do the trick? I want to completely cure myself from this problem. I hope you can help me out. Thank you

    1. Hi Anonymous, Omega 3 Fish Oils will help with circulation. But you could try some of the other measures suggested above like the Schuessler Cell Salts remedies(they are inexpensive). Exercise is also important to get the blood flowing- moderate exercise like walking would be good to incorporate into your day .(You may be a health & fitness expert already for all I know- but if you don't exercise already, that will make a big difference to you. If you have tried everything already mentioned above, then I do think the best way forward for you is to consult a homeopath. Are there any in your area? As this may be what we call an underlying constitutional problem.
      Or the problem may have another cause. Are you a smoker? This will affect you badly as well - in that case I would suggest you take Vitamin C and a supplement called Rutin every day to strengthen the blood vessels. And perhaps look at the book: Allen Carr's EasyWay to stop Smoking. I hope this helps. But it may be that you need to make lifestyle changes if seeking out a 'cure' doesn't seem to touch the problem. Homeopathy can also provide remedies to deal with stopping smoking and curb nicotine cravings.

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  8. Agaricus 30c for frostbite couple times a day til better

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