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Sweating is an important function of the skin in your body. Sweating detoxes your whole body, cleanses it, and purifies it. The skin is an organ of elimination and very important as such. Perspiration also has a cooling effect on the skin and body necessary during exercise and during a fever. Efficient perspiration is necessary when you are ill.
Some people do not sweat much. They may not have much to sweat out and are very well. Well, in the sense of proper nutrition, exercise and minimal intake of toxins.
However, some people do have a large build up of toxins in their bodies but are not getting the chance to eliminate properly through perspiration.
Here are some signs of suppressed perspiration or toxicity in the body:

- Complete absence of perspiration
- Offensive perspiration.
- Drenching night sweats
- Foul and offensive perspiring on the feet (in other words, smelly socks!)
- Intense perspiration of one part e.g. hands only, without perspiration anywhere else on the body.
- Perspiration stains clothes and sheets and coverings.
- Little cysts or lumps in concentrated areas of sweat glands most commonly under the arm, in the arm pit or in the groin area (there may be other reasons for these, if in any doubt consult your doctor).

WHAT CAN YOU DO?                       

  • Never use anti-perspirants. These suppress and interfere with your sweat glands. Additionally, many contain Aluminium. A known toxin. In the long-term, using these is not good for your body at all. Go to your local health food shop and enquire about natural deodorants. A natural deodorant neutralises any odour associated with sweat but does not prevent sweating. The solid crystal deodorants which have water applied to them and are then used just like a roll-on are very effective. Never choose any deodorant which contains Aluminium.
  • Try taking a supplement to help detox heavy metals in the body. Enquire in your local health food shop for suitable recommendations. Also try taking Chlorella or Blue-Green Algae.
  • Do a generalised whole body detox. (Stay tuned for more on detoxing) There are so many wonderful herbal combination detoxes on the market. One is called Essiac. My favourite method of detoxing is to use a liver herb. These herbs support the functioning of the liver, which then does its job of detoxing much more efficiently. Another detox that is excellent is made by Heel. A German Complex Homeopathic Medicine Manufacturer. They make a specific detox for the lymphatic system called Lymphosomat.
  • See your homeopath, who will give you an overall remedy to stimulate better functioning of all your bodily systems. Homeopathy can deal with the causes and consequences of suppressed perspiration.
  • Once you have detoxed, limit your intake of toxins. Your perspiration will be less offensive and less profuse. These are the obvious ones: alcohol and cigarettes. People who have allergies or food intolerances will have a toxic build up as their system is prevented from efficient assimilation of nutrients.
  • Exercise more in order to eliminate better. This will mean you will lessen the amount of perspiring you do in general. Exercising must be vigorous enough to cause you to break out in a sweat.
  • Remember one of the easiest and most pleasant of ways to detox, is to eat plenty of fruit. The enzymes in fruit aid elimination. Eat fruit frequently during the day. If you only eat fruit once a day – the best time is to eat it in the morning, on an empty stomach. Fruit pulls toxins out of the body.
  • Also, drink plenty of water every day. Alternatively if you do not experience much thirst – eat plenty of food with high water content instead.
    If you focus on these things, you will notice a big shift in the way you perspire.

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