Friday, 4 December 2009

Lowering your cholesterol

Have you been stressed out, running on empty for a while to cope with life circumstances, eating a high fat diet including rich foods, large amounts of meat and rich sauces (such as travelling business people or people who don’t have time to cook), have you had constipation for years, been using anti-perspirants instead of deodorants, not eating fruit and not exercising? Are you irritable, likely to fly off the handle and often feel exhausted? If you have 3 or more of these factors you may be a high-cholesterol personality!

Here are some tips to help you lower your cholesterol:

1. Take LECITHIN. This is a fat emulsifier. It comes in granule form which you can sprinkle over salads and porridge etc. Or it comes in the form of a supplement in capsule form.
2. Take a LIVER TONIC. Go to your health food shop and request a recommendation of several different herbs for supporting the liver. The gall bladder is what stores fat and produces bile to break down fat. High functioning of the gall bladder is also dependent on an efficient liver. A liver tonic will help it work better and detox your system.
3. Consider CLEANSING and clearing out the BOWELS. Constipation is a big factor in high cholesterol and often ignored. Quite a bit of cholesterol gets deposited in the bowel. Clear it out first, then try and find help for constipation. What I mean by help is NOT laxatives. Even if you use natural herbal laxatives – this is bad for your system, you will become dependent and need more laxatives to achieve the same effect as time goes on. Your constipation will worsen. Try seeing a herbalist, an acupuncturist and many other therapists that can help. Obviously, see a homeopath to solve chronic constipation.
4. In general, the better you ELIMINATE WASTE MATTER from the body the clearer your system will be and the less clogged it will be. That means the kidneys must work well, the bowels, and the sweat glands must not be suppressed through anti-perspirants etc
5. If you don’t want to go through the process of homeopathy just to lower cholesterol – then consider merely asking A PROFESSIONAL HOMEOPATH for a short prescription of some therapeutic remedies they use as a specific cholesterol- lowering help. Many homeopaths will be unlikely to agree to this though (I warn you!). The reason being that any one symptom is connected with the whole body, its inherited predisposition towards certain complaints and many individual factors. Homeopaths find their best results come from treating the whole person and not just one aspect of their health.
6. Control your DIET. There is no getting away from this. A diet high in saturated fats will raise your cholesterol if you are predisposed. Consider giving up dairy products (Another topic for discussion!) Beware, intentionally designed low-fat products are not actually that good for you.
7. Take B-VITAMINS to cope with increased stress levels. Believe me, stress plays a huge role.
8. Take VITAMIN E as well. Vitamin E and B-Vitamins support the ‘Stress-Glands’ or the adrenals. The adrenals are the glands that produce sterols in the body – of which Cholesterol is one.
Remember, Cholesterol does not only arise from your intake of food but is actually produced in the body, by the body. Some people have an inherited tendency to have high levels of cholesterol. And some people who have this may have controlled their diet very well in order to minimise the intake of cholesterol and yet still have raised levels detected by a blood test. They are flummoxed – how could I still have high cholesterol ? I am eating so well! See your homeopath if nothing else is working.

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