Friday, 18 December 2009

Indigestion and heartburn

This is a time when many people may over-eat, over-indulge or simply eat much richer food than and drink much more than they do usually. The symptoms of heartburn can range from slight discomfort, acidity, reflux back into the mouth with subsequent increased salivation and a slightly nauseous feeling, or pain mild to severe or burning. It has even been known for the pain to be so severe that it can be confused with a pain in the heart. Many people experience the heartburn either directly after eating or several hours later. And many people suffer it at night but in particular pregnant women. Most people have to resort to the use of over the counter antacids such as Rennie for relief. Long-term use however is not recommended. And women who are pregnant may have to just put up with it as best they can. What can you do to avoid heartburn over Christmas and at all other times? .....

These are some of the natural remedies available to you:

1. Stomach HCL. Stomach acid is needed in abundance to properly digest food and there is a supplement (Biocare HCL& Pepsin) which may improve indigestion.

2. Digestive Enzymes. These come in supplement form. You take them before a meal. Or if you have a Dairy allergy , take Lactase.

3. Peppermint Oil and herbal teas. Peppermint Oil Capsules are very effective. Also, drink peppermint tea after a meal.

4. New Era Tissue Salts Combination C. These have both a preventative and relieving effect. Follow directions on container. Vary dosage according to your needs. (These are safe to take in pregnancy and gentle and effective as well)

5. Dietary controls: balance acidic foods with alkaline. Take note of the following foods which can increase acidity in the body. (Unfortunately these may be all the ones you like!)

All pig-meats : bacon, rashers, pork, sausage.

Red wine.


Too much wheat and dairy.



Citrus Fruits.


Sugary Foods

Eat bland foods, avoid rich dairy sauces as much as possible and too many spices and condiments.

6. Take Apple Cider Vinegar to balance pH in digestive tract. 1 tablespoon 3xdaily in a little warm water. (Safe and gentle in pregnancy)

7. Bioforce Centaurium Complex. A herbal mixture designed to give relief.

8. Take Swedish Bitters. Anything with a bitter taste/element can stimulate digestion. One reason why people do drink coffee after a meal. Swedish Bitters is an old-fashioned liver tonic which has always been used to improve digestion. Available in selected chemists and health food shops.

9. The homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica. One of the most effective reliefs against heartburn. Especially if made worse from over-indulgence and coffee. Try either a 6c (lower strength) or a 30c. For heartburn in pregnancy, try Pulsatilla 30c. For people who have heartburn related to anxiety and stress with stomach ulcers , try Phosphorus 6c.

In the long-term, indigestion and heartburn may accompany an underlying pattern of symptoms of illness and malfunction of the digestive system. For that reason, all relieving medicines whether natural or conventional act temporarily, but do not permanently resolve the problem. In such cases, it is best to pursue homeopathic treatment with a practitioner or consult another alternative therapist.

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