Thursday, 10 December 2009

Electric Shocks

Have you ever received electric shocks when you touch something? For example, a car door handle, the button on a lift or escalator, some metal surface? It is strange, isn't it? Some people seem to conduct electricity more than others. A lady I once spoke to, asked me did I have any suggestions for receiving electric shocks. She had a serious incident of suffering an actual heart attack when one particular electric shock travelled to her heart and she ended up in hospital. I was mystified as to whether there would be any  solution apart from ongoing homeopathic treatment (as this was a casual request and she did not really want to see a homeopath). So I looked up the symptom in my homeopathic repertory ( a book homeopaths use as an index of a huge variety of symptoms and complaints) and there was only one remedy listed: Cuprum Metallicum.

Now, I would never prescribe a remedy unless I knew there was an overall match with the whole person's health rather than just a correspondence to one isolated ailment. So I did not give her the homeopathic remedy.  But how interesting! I suggested she take a Copper supplement instead, in case levels were low in her body. The electric shocks ceased. Since then, I have suggested this small measure to people and it has always been effective. I have also observed that people who are low in iron often are low in copper. There is a proportionate relationship between the two.  And so, suffering from regular electric shocks can be a pointer to taking an Iron tonic as opposed to taking a Copper supplement to reduce the susceptibility to electric shocks.

To summarise: if you get regular electric shocks - take either Copper or Iron.


  1. I got shocked when i touched a light bulb without the bulb only the base thing. It hurts but it is just small. How do i Cure it? please reply

    - Jannes

  2. HI Jannes, it's a horrible sensation, isn't it? yes, try taking a dose or 2 of Arnica 30c - just one tablet or pill = 1 dose. This remedy helps any sudden shock or injury to the body including electric shocks. It should take away the soreness. If any soreness still remains, try taking just one dose of Phosphorus 30c. Both remedies are available in local health food shops or any shops which sell homeopathic remedies/medicines. That should help. Good Luck.


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